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What do you love about winter?  ‘It’s that feeling of being back to the safety of the nest. Winter makes you want to stick together.’ Japanese creative director and racing aficionado Mai Ikuzawa shares her love of winter for Moncler.

What do you love about winter?  ‘For me, winter is the season of introspection.’ Dancer and actor Mamadou Bathily enjoys a heightened moment of quietude with Mao Xiaoxing.  

Show me love. Genre-defying French artist Lala &ce shares a tender moment with her mother Noëlle for the campaign.

What do you love about winter?  ‘The best thing about winter is hugging the ones I love, sharing the heat.’ - Mao Xiaoxing. ‘Winter is all about that feeling when you point your nose outside the door in the morning to breathe the crisp fresh air.’ - Mika Schneider

Unconditional Love The love between a mother and a child is boundless. With the candid warmth of a family portrait, Australian photographer Chris Colls captures actress and her daughter Dylan Penn in a sweet embrace. 

This season Moncler is celebrating the power of human connection. A dynamic cast of creatives come together to share what they love about winter - and each other Lala &ce

Love without frontiers. Human connection is the most natural thing in the world - and out of it.

Why do we love winter? Because it brings us closer. Moncler. .

A HIGHER LOVE  Moncler. Winter lovers since 1952.

This was MONDOGENIUS. Thank you for the vision. 1 Moncler JW Anderson 2 Moncler 1952 Woman + Man 3 Moncler Grenoble 4 Moncler HYKE 5 Moncler Craig Green 6 Moncler 1017 Alyx 9SM 7 Moncler FRGMT 8 Moncler Palm Angels Moncler DingYun Zhang Moncler Gentle Monster

Streetwear staples full of hidden surprises: Hiroshi Fujiwara’s latest collection plays out on the streets and in virtual hyper-reality, presenting a tension of opposites grounded in signature pristine functionality. launches October 14

Emotional Swiping. Experimental and fiercely contemporary, Seoul’s Gentle Monster eyewear brand has extended its vision to ready-to-wear and accessories, allowing the brand’s unique expression to develop into a complete opus for

Underwater Futurism. Central Saint Martins graduate presented a Moncler collection richly inspired by sub-aquatic life, but made to exacting standards of technicality and function for modern life. On in January 2022.

Raising the Bar. Elevated materials, twisted classics and a healthy dose of Americana: Francesco Ragazzi’s collection plays out in beautiful poetry, as performance artist wanders through an imaginary vintage store.

Genius is Eccentricity. New York: An energetic and intimate performance by who delivered his brand new track ‘I’m Just a Fan’ surrounded by his very own superfans, for .

The benefit auction of artworks inspired by the new 2 MONCLER 1952 Man collection designed by Sergio Zambon is live through October 11th. Browse lots by artists Erwin Wurm, Prem Sahib, and Andrea Anastasio, exclusively on .

Genius is Soul Veronica Leoni creates clothes for instinctive women. channels the very essence of the woman, making the pragmatic but powerful collection jump to life with an electrifying performance.

The idea of protection and the notion of an onwards cycle: Craig Green’s latest collection for offers clothing meant to be lived in contact with - and in harmony with - the elements.

Are you ready to fly? Shanghai: A gravity-defying performance for , showcasing the power of the ultra-technical collection, with an introduction by Santa, Mika and Keyu of K-Pop band

Now live through October 11th: A benefit auction of the artworks via . All proceeds from the sale will be donated to the nonprofit FREE THE WORK on behalf of to promote a more inclusive and diverse creative movie industry.