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is happening this week. What does it mean for Africa? Register for the 2⃣ edition of which will unpack pathways from the Summit & how they will contribute towards securing Africa's nutrition.

Protecting the and ensuring human health go hand in hand. Commitments to combat must also take into account the impact of our diets on the planet. You can register your climate-smart commitment through the today 👇

is an under-invested area of health and development, accounting for less than 1% of global foreign aid. If we we can create more equitable food, health, and social protection systems for all.

To ensure we’re doing all we can to support public private engagements for , we conduct an independent audit on our site each year. We welcome you to share your thoughts:

Today supports Salt producer training and awareness in Pemba on establishment of KIO3 Revolving fund to ensure local sustainable supply of the chemical. This aims to ensure availability of adequetly iodated salt in Zanzibar

How can Nutrition Connect and It's resources help better inform and support public engagements for ? Fill the survey✍️

On the run to implement workforce Nutrition program, today conducted a closeout meeting with 2 SBN companies which are beneficiaries of a pilot project to understand challenges and where support could be provided in pushing agenda forward.

“The research & data from the food systems summit will enable us to see what works, such as low cost but high impact interventions like biofortification to fight micronutrient deficiencies and other forms of malnutrition” – Mr Charles Opiyo (Kenya)

When food that was originally meant for human consumption is removed from the food chain, it is considered as FOOD WASTAGE, even if it is directed for non-food use


Happy ! We celebrate chefs 🧑‍🍳👩‍🍳 (like from Burundi) as our for using their talent and expertise to transform raw food into tasty and nutritious meals.

Rural women help: 🚜 Agricultural & rural development 🥕 Achieve 👩‍🌾 🦠Respond to Yet, they are undervalued and their rights are under threat. On International Day of join us in demanding change.

Are we taking the right actions to transform Africa’s ? As we build up to , Country Manager - Kenya, joins on from 2:00p.m today, to discuss this and more. DO NOT MISS!!

"People can make rational food choices if provided with rational options and the means to make better food choices." Couldn't agree more . Clean piece👏 This is what seeks to achieve

With the support of our growing list of global allies, has set ambitious goals for transforming agricultural innovation. We're thrilled to count as an ally! Will you join us? 🤝🌍

Diet and mental health at the workplace in a era and the Consumer Good Forum launched the Workforce Nutrition Alliance in 2019 to support employers and catalyse action on improving workforce nutrition.

Most of us already know that beans, like other legumes, are great sources of plant protein. But did you know they also contain carbohydrates? Most foods do not contain just one nutrient, although they may have one in higher quantities than others.

Have you ever tried orange fleshed sweet potato? It is biofortified with vitamin A, which is what makes it orange. It is consumed the same way as white sweet potato and has a similar taste.

"Mycotoxin, the Most Under-prioritized Risk to Public Health and Food Security in Nigeria" - Dr. Vincent Isegbe, Director - General, Nigeria Agricultural Quarantine Service (NAQS)

"The change we need must be made BY us, not FOR us" - Dr Michael Ojo (Nigeria) Missed our last webinar? Catch up here ->