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Jessica William

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Every single one of our students is gifted. Every single one is talented. will end the outdated days of one-size-fits-all testing and open the doors for all of our children.

6 million New Yorkers vaccinated. And that number is going to leap forward as soon as our youngest New Yorkers become eligible. This is how we end and you made it happen. Let’s keep going:

17 days to Election Day, but early voting starts a week from today! Will you vote early this year? Make sure you know your early voting location:

Here’s a look at our indicators for Saturday: • 11,810,566 vaccine doses administered • 198 new hospitalizations • 988 new cases ➡️

A recovery for all of us means ALL of us. Our minority-owned businesses fought for our city during the darkest days of and they’re helping lead us out of this era. What an honor to celebrate so many great business leaders with NAMC in Queens tonight.

Can’t help fallin’ in love with this city.

Navaratri celebrates the fierce power of the female Goddess Durga and triumph of good over evil. After a year and half of darkness, we are marching together towards the light.    Happy to all of our Hindu neighbors celebrating tonight!

Here’s a look at our indicators to close out the week: • 11,790,488 vaccine doses administered • 220 new hospitalizations • 998 new cases Keep. Up. The. Fight. Get vaccinated:

Those of us who served in his administration know firsthand that nothing stops President . 8.8 million New Yorkers are rooting for your speedy recovery and we look forward to seeing you back soon.

An attack on one of our yeshivas is an attack on all New Yorkers, and we WILL bring this person to justice. If you have any information on who perpetrated this vile act against our Jewish brothers and sisters, please contact the NYPD.

We’re cleanin’ up the town! The is revitalizing our city, getting New Yorkers back to work and bringing our city back better than ever before. Join the cause:

I can say without fear of contradiction that New York City is THE food capitol of the world. The is BACK. 100% of the proceeds go to charity, tickets are available — but you’ll need to be vaccinated to enjoy it! Visit for more.

Artists tell our city’s story and it’s this city’s honor to help them lead our recovery. October is the culmination of the great work with free events citywide — get out and enjoy, ! ➡️

Here’s a look at today’s numbers: • 11,772,387 vaccine doses administered • 214 new hospitalizations • 957 new cases ➡️

As of today, 6 million New Yorkers will have gotten their vaccine shots. Join us at City Hall.

Nothing beats the experience of going to a movie theater and we have some of the best in New York City. We’ll have mobile vax clinics outside movie theaters in all 5 boroughs so you can get your shot, get your popcorn, and enjoy!

Today I announced the first early college Teacher Prep Academy at John Dewey High School in Brooklyn. This is how we reach talented high school students, set them up with strong careers, and support the next generation of teachers in New York City.

The city workers at our Vaccine Command Center are heroes. They built our vaccine infrastructure from the ground up, got New Yorkers vaccinated, and saved lives. I can’t think of a group of people more deserving of this recognition.

One month ago today we began enforcing the Key 2 NYC. We worked with businesses every step of the way and today we’re seeing incredible compliance, increased vaccination rates, and a safer city for all New Yorkers to enjoy. Vaccine mandates work and New York City is proof.