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Jessica William

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🎃Throwback Thursday🎃 This goes wayyyyyyy back to the 90’s when hubby (we weren’t married yet) worked up in gold mining camps in northeastern BC during the summer. I missed him dearly and looked forward to his calls. ❤️❤️❤️

🎃A windy, cool but beautiful walk in the river valley today…6,044 steps / 3 miles!! 🎃 _______________________________

🎃October 20th POTD: Cozy🎃 Nothing is as cozy as the sun on a windy afternoon walk…okay maybe this soft cardigan 😊😊😊 ______________________________

🎃Empty Review Wednesday🎃 Pacifica Coconut Probiotic Technology Water Rehab Cream. This cream is heeeaaavenly!! So hydrating and has a mild Piña Colada scent. It retails at Shoppers Drug Mart for $23.99 (CAD) but a little goes a long way. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

🎃Happy Toolsday🎃 Real Techniques Blush Brush. Currently I am actually using it as my powder brush because it’s too big for the pan my blush is in. I love the Real Techniques brushes and recommend them to all makeup lovers!!

🎃October 19th POTD: Something you’re grateful for…how about someone…my hubby🎃 ______________________________

"Don't blame people for disappointing you, blame yourself for expecting too much from them." - Unknown

🎃A cool and cloudy walk in the River Valley today: 5,767 steps or 2.9 miles🎃 _______________________________

🎃October 18th POTD: Black🎃 My hubby actually took this shot so I have to give him the credit. ______________________________

I have been fully vaccinated with Moderna since April and I continue to wear masks and social distance. How about you? ✋

🎃Makeup Monday🎃 e.l.f. Beautifully Bare Lightweight Concealer in Fair/Light. Although it has a creamy consistency, it is a lightweight concealer, and one of my favourites so far. It retails for around $4 CAD, so for that price you can’t go wrong to try it. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

🎃Selflove Saturday🎃 Don’t forget to include “you” in the group of ones you ❤️ ___________________________

🎃October 100 mile challenge🎃 Between walking and cycling I have accumulated 52 miles so far…just 48 more to go!! _______________________________

🎃Another beautiful walk in the river valley today!! October has been on pointe weather-wise so far!!🎃 _________________________________

🎃Workout Day (yesterday)🎃 *Stationary Bike = 24 min: AHR = 130; MHR = 149; 5.13 miles. *Circuit training = 20 min. *Yoga/stretching = 15 min. Walking to, from and during = 5,105 steps or 2.55 miles _________________________________

🎃Fashion Friday🎃 *Mustard Yellow Sweatshirt from *White cotton button-down shirt from *Boyfriend jeans from (old) *Black sneakersfrom ________________________________

"7 Rules for Life. 1. Never hate. 2. Don't worry. 3. Live simply. 4. Expect a little. 5. Give a lot. 6. Live with love. 7. Always Smile." - Unknown

🎃October 14th POTD: Your workspace…this came up in September too so thought I would show where both hubby and I “work on things”…different things but equally important to either of us🎃 ______________________________