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Jessica William

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This girl deserves to win more than anyone in that house!! The whole house was against her but she survived and fought for HERSELF!! Nobody was there to support her.. Dirty politics and agendas were applied to degrade her but look where she is!! SHERNI🦁 DESERVING WINNER DIVYA❤️

We are lucky to born in an era where virat kohli exists.. Said it before I'll say it again VIRAT KOHLI IS THE GREATEST THE GAME OF CRICKET CAN EVER WITNESS.. Agree or die!! Virat Kohli Supremacy>>> 🇮🇳❤️

This is so unfair bigg boss!! Aise hamesha apsi sehmati hoti hai Lekin Divya ko dand dene ke liye bahumat hi sahi!! Koi nahi Jis din trophy Legi na Apne haath mai uss din Sabko Sabki aukaat pata Chal jayegi!! AUDIENCE LOVES DIVYA ❤️❤️❤️💪💪💪

Go win it girl!!!🔥 Let the history repeat again💪❤️ AUDIENCE LOVES DIVYA 😍

Just because of one person bigg boss snatched the opportunity from the person who deserved it like anything!! She played like a lone warrior in her entire journey. Sach mai Sabki faad di individual game mai🔥 Sherni Toh sach mai hai 💪 ❤️

First of all shamita shetty treated Divya like shit and now she's expecting her to be good with her and save her. Darling you're getting the taste of your own medicine. Insecure bitch!!! ❤️

Despite of being the whole house against her it's commendable the way she is playing 🔥 ACE IT LIKE DIVYA

She literally stood up for her friends everytime they needed her but look what people are doing for her!! She's didn't created an issue out of what all happened today but it was highly disappointing!! You're so lucky to have her man.

This is so unfair!!! This season is so unfair!!! But look at my girl she's standing strong against all the odds!!! Strongest contestant I've ever witnessed in bigg boss history!!! I'm so fucking proud of you D❤️

We Stan A Queeeen❤️🤧 we love youuuu D❤️


she's loveeeee❤️❤️❤️

Virat Kohli Supremacy!!!! 13 years of being the bestttt..13 years of dominance in international cricket.. 13 years of legacy..The absolute best of our times.. The greatest the game of cricket can ever witness🔥❤️

she's the strongest 🔥

love you to the coreeee💘💘


12 golden years of virat King Kohli 🔥❤️😍