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Or the league held the one until they could help Smith retain office. And then the rest were leaked when Raiders let Gruden coach Sunday. No one is defending the emails, but as we’ve written, the NFL’s timing and refusal to release the rest are suspect.

The  have an extra weapon at quarterback.

Not even using Raiders bias here, but Mariota is wayyyyyyyy better than Geno Smith.

Raiders beating the Broncos tomorrow 🤌🏻

Jon gruden was awful....the raiders got lucky

Chiefs are 2-4 since this picture

Good luck with that brother. Looking forward to it

He had something like 17 dropped INT’s last season, it’s finally catching up to him.

I’m excited, I’ll go ahead and make the announcement… As y’all know, I’ve been wanting to get back into writing articles. Today, I accepted an offer to write for . Can’t wait to see how this season unfolds and to continue connecting with

I like Rich Bisaccia. I have a weird feeling if they let Carr and Olsen just run the offense, this team might explode and be even better than when Gruden was coaching. We will see Sunday. This game was already a big game, now it’s massive. No doubt a must win.

Exactly what I’m thinking. Hoping they come out inspired and wax them though lol.

I feel sorry for you thinking a rookie will lock up Waller. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

1 Day At A Time🦅

I want to believe that. I really do. If the Raiders can put all this Gruden crap behind them, fans will be able to happy dance.

Yup. AL Davis fought & sued the NFL more then anyone. When did the monster news drop about Gruden? The 10 year anniversary of AL’s death. The NFL continues to give a big F.U. to the Raiders