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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

2021 - a dude named Bruce, who I admired as a kid, now dresses like a woman and is running for governor as a Republican. Why the hell would I not get on my boat and sail away from this lunacy?

Another action by this government against its subjects.

Oh great. I have some escapees. I’m going to have to go and get the horse whip. It’s obvious they have no sense of safety. Why would anyone want to be in the FEMA camp where they are perfectly safe and taken care of?

Yeah that was impressive. I didn’t think you could come back after that. But I think the most in Jordan everything about him was his incredible sense of people and himself. 'My dear you are ugly, but tomorrow I shall be sober and you will still be ugly': Winston Churchill 🤣

I’m with - freedom not tyranny!

I am also a researcher. By passion. Like you, if I’m interested, I am good. As far as knowledge, I might be a jack of all trades. But I am a master of some. But there are some areas I know nothing about. Newbie to botany—needed now.

Just saw an ad for the game Call of Duty: Vanguard which is set in WWII. Featured prominently is a black paratrooper. I am sorry, there is no way I will spend money on a product that is so anachronistic - it is obviously not going to have any real bearing on historical accuracy.

Not barking at all. I don’t bark. Nobody questions again after I show them my teeth. But after all, when I got up & left from your hairy back the last time, do you really think that I’m going to let that happen again? No, u can have your own room and just cook and clean. Serf!

yes! that's it! do it so others will be ok

So I was I not nice person growing up. Not gonna get into all the stupid highly illegal shit we did. But I was essentially a bad person. But we didn’t fuck with kids, women, or old people. That was the rules.

Thousands dead and our nation cleft in twain because Todd and Margot complained about how I mowed my lawn on a weekday…

Continuing my mission in trying to impart flavor into tofu - a cheap source of protein.

If someone tries to give my children a shot without my permission, they will get my shot without their permission. 😡 up for interpretation.


Wow! I see your point exactly! [Yes, it is the point of your spear.] Lucky for you I like dominant men. They are much more loyal once they submit.

First, you take the drink 🍸. Then the drink takes you...and everything of value to you.

He was trying to make deals, and some of us (e.g. me) thought that was a shot worth taking, the GOP establishment should have seen all the possible silver linings to just working with Trump for a few years; now if he gets back in he knows better than to try playing nice.

Yep! I'm a driver, a pilot, and a sailor, and I'd much prefer sailing to any of the other modes of locomotion! Mainly because I can legally have beer while sailing.