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भारत में जान की क़ीमत

The Combating International Islamophobia Act sponsored by + requires the State Department to create a Special Envoy for monitoring and combating anti-Muslim bigotry. This will help us better understand the global problem of Islamophobia.

Read how the Congress party is responding to BJP's conversion bogey and massive Anti-Christian hate rallies in Chhattisgarh. Is this how a “secular” party should respond?

Caste discrimination can deprive people of access to & human , & is used to justify & for millions. Understanding these risks is vital to tackling in caste-affected countries

| "Authoritarianism, Cronyism and Majoritarianism" Three Dangers To India's Economy | Raghuram Rajan Speaks |

Members of Vishwa Hindu Parishad an arm of the Hindu nationalist groups barge into all-faith prayer hall run by a local man in Hubli, in the state of Karnataka, India: Report Telegraph India. Follow FIACONA

Activists and citizen groups protest in against CM of Karnataka Bommai's statement on moral policing. They are demanding CM to withdraw his statement and act on rising cases of moral policing in the state.

If you use please delete your chats periodically. India is inventing all kinds of rules of evidence and criminal jurisprudence.

Prominent BJP politicians cheer and applaud as Swami Parmatmanand, a fanatical Hindu religious leader calls for the beheading of Christians in Surguja, Cchattisgarh. reports.

The Madhya Pradesh police used batons to disperse people for allegedly violating guidelines and deviating from the permitted route during a procession on the occasion of Milad-un-Nabi, the birthday of Prophet Muhammad, in Dhar city.

Mosques and houses of Muslims attacked by people associated to RSS, VHP and Bajrang Dal across Tripura during Hindutva groups' protest against Bangladesh violence. A mosque burnt in Udaipur by right-wing groups. Watch:

I spoke with and Richard Chow a few minutes after they began a hunger strike to force real debt relief for NYC taxi drivers. "The power of government is not simply to replicate the market—it is to take on the market."

I launch my today with a piece that is personally devastating and a trauma that we have been living collectively. They say India is heading in the direction of fascism, my piece today where I say 'India is officially a fascist state.'

A boy got on the stage and persistently tried to take Pope Francis’ white papal skullcap despite all efforts to stop him at the weekly general audience in the Vatican. His persistence paid off as he left the stage with a papal cap

This tweet is a good crash course in the complicity of news media in police violence and ensuring that cops are never held accountable.

WATCH: Israeli police crackdown on Palestinians during an annual Mawlid celebration marking the birth of Prophet Muhammad outside the gates of the Old City in occupied East Jerusalem

82% of Muslims in Delhi voted for AAP in 2020. In return, Arvind Kejriwal: - Stayed quiet when Muslims were massacred. - Ordered FIR against Tablighi Jamat. - Remained silent when calls for Muslim genocide were made. - Didn't build a planned hospital in a Muslim area.

ICYMI, here's today's print with our story on the forced evictions in India's northeastern Assam state. “They want Muslims to live suppressed, under the mercy of the Hindus.”