Jessica William

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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Can't wait to see you 🥺 We all are rooting for you so don't worry and we know that you are going to kill this time no matter what 💯 Yes we got your back ❤️ Your real fans are with you ✊ Don't be affected too much, it also make us sad 🙏 Go girl! Kill it🔥

Karan-"Shams is sooo much in Love,Kitna pyaar karti hai wo uske saamne wo gaana b gao to wo emotional hojati hai" 💘🥺

Ye do Humpty aur Dumpty mujhe bara cute lagta hai 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

is such a soulful person! She stood up for Meisha against Rajiv. She’s a girl who always wants the best for others and she does that without expectations. She was actually clueless when Meisha thanked her. She won my heart yet again! ❤️

Shamita ko umar Ka game smajh nhi aa rha tha But Thanks to KK Us ny boht achy smja diya

Shamita is KK type 😱 He just confessed that in front of Teja Means Agr Raqesh na hota to Kk Shamita k sath Relationship bnata 😱

This one is epic Karan helping Afsana to get out from the pool. At the same time Umar Akasa pulling Afsana into the pool 🤣🤣🤣

Everyone is praising him 👏 " Humari Captain jaisa bhi ho Rajiv jaisa ho ✊" Even Shamita and Karan also proud of him 🔥

Rajiv ne 2 haato se Jo panka chalaya hai plan fail hogeya hain 🤣 Salute bro 🙆 Keep rocking 🔥

Eiye bandha cute to hai yaar 🤣 I find him teddy bear 🐻 Resting after a hectic torture 🤣 One is resting and other is eating mast scene 🤣

Targeting Rajiv Adatia as a weak person then galat bandha ko target kiya. Kiyuki eiye hamari Sherni ki Rakhi brother hai so itna jaldi toh har nhi manegi. Today Rajiv Adatia rocks in task🔥Rajiv respect for you from ShamitasTribe

This girl is so talented 😭🥺♥️ Underrated star🥺

Akasa to Shamita: In other news you look beautiful Agreed😍 | | | | |

Shamita talking to Nish. Motivating him and letting him know that it’s okay to feel down sometimes. He shouldn’t be so hard on himself. Part 1 | | | | |

Who will Shamita choose Nishant or Vishal😂? moment again