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Jessica William

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While im busy checking & deleting random photos on my phone i stumble on this pic, then i realize this is !🤣 kids really wants me to go back on SK. So Covid-19, pls go away! Sho! Sho! Sho! Let us see & meet the kids.🙏🙏🙏


even before debut, the height average gp999 group will be the shortest of any girls mnet surival series tallest member in: i.o.i - 173cm kim doyeon izone - 171cm wonyoung fromis_9 - 169cm lee chaeyoung top 18 gp999 - 168cm xiaoting and xingqiao

˗ˏˋ 📸 ´ˎ˗ 21.10.2021⌇M COUNTDOWN 𓂃° ₊ ภาพของซิงเฉียวจากรายการ M COUNTDOWN ค่ะ 🥺💗

eating cement bread with glass shards

girl's planet 999 final song SHINE snippet "we are performing Shine in Team 1 and Team 2. who would be in Team 1 and Team 2? and between two teams we are competing to find who'll do ending part. do you wanna know who will do the ending part?"

Finallly the 99 visual line Xiaoting Yurina & Xingqiao on one group!

Things need to prepare on GP999 finals: Strong internet connection! Data connection back up Desktop or Laptop for better viewing Smartphone at least 2 if incase something happen Powerbank Food & alcohol incase your bet didn’t make it UNIVERSE APP SHOULDN’T FUCK UP ON LIVE VOTING

[211021] final interview

: this whole time i've been thinking about this .. it's always been me singing and dancing for them (planet guardians) .. i hope i can watch them sing and dance for me :D

[] Behind Photos | SPECIAL LIVE '9IRLS NI9HT A9IT' ⑤ 🌸Red Li9ht, 9reen Li9ht in Girls Planet🌸 Releasing the Behind Photos of SPECIAL LIVE '9IRLS NI9HT A9IT'📸 10.22 (Fri) Final at 8 PM (KST)

And what if Xingqiao is the dark horse

Oh i'd love her haters to do this by them singing & dancing all 000, Rumor, Fiesta, All About You, Utopia & then she will be the judge & laugh at you all.

Huang xing qiao's deep voice and ye youngs voice who hooked me up😍Miu is also amazing🔥😊

意外にまだシンチャオちゃんのこと知らない人いるからあげとく😆 [Official PV] ファン・シンチャオ(黄星侨/Lorina)「1999生まれ」(生于1999/SINCE 1999)