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Jessica William

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Twitter algorithm tips ⚠️ Are you missing out on your favourite content creators' posts? Comment on them when you see them! The algorithm pick it up as something you're interested in and starts to show it more frequently. Now, more than ever, artists need comments on their posts

The more interaction you give also tells the algorithm that you're active! So that bumps up your posts too. Also, even if you don't feel like you have much to post, find -something- at least once per day. Even if it's old work. That helps a bunch

The algorithm also favours posts with added content like pictures, videos or gifs. So add those where you can. If you can make something more interactive at least once per week, like polls or art shares, that's an added bonus!

Still keep hashtags to a minimum. I've found that 2-3 tags work best. If you want to share links with your work, add them into a thread. The algorithm doesn't like them, for whatever reason, so construct your main art post with minimal text, hashtags and no links.

DO NOT BE AFRAID TO BUMP YOUR OWN WORK OCCASIONALLY The lifespan of a twitter post is so small, adding a "bump" comment brings the whole thing back up on people's timelines.

Fight back the worry that you'll be too "spammy", I promise you, those who are true fans of your work will appreciate second chances to see it. You also have to keep in mind that there's different time zones too! Bump your work all you want!

Please RT these tips if you think they'll help anyone you know. If you have any more, comment below! I'll add them to the thread. Help each other out. We need it more than ever on here. 💜

Oh, wow, this be doing some numbers already O.O Hello, my name is Lexi, I'm a (sometimes spicy & 18+) digital fantasy artist who's getting fed up of shouting into the twitter void. I'm hoping this helps folks even just a little here and there 💜

Another great tip I've just been told (thank you @/Flansuru_) Lists! They're great for keeping on top of the artists you want to follow closely! If you're worried about them being pinged and bothered, make it private! Lists act as separate TLs too :D I use them for mutuals 💜

Another great tip (thank you @/spikermonster) is to enable notifications on accounts you'd like to keep close tabs on. The only downside is this can get overwhelming if you do this for a few people. Notifications can go nuts :)

A few people saying they are introverted or too shy or don't know what to comment... a simple emoji is more than enough!! And thank you for those saying to just turn on notifications, that helps, yes, but still comment on artists posts. That helps with our reach 💜

Few folks saying that we should just turn on chronological order to sort the algorithm for us. It doesn't work like that, I'm afraid. Our timelines are set to that, but our posts are still not being seen. Our reach is still being strangled. Just drop an emoji and a rt to help💜

Going to mute this for the evening! Thank you so much for all the love and I really do hope it helps 💜

Holy crap! I woke up to so much love on this! Thank you! I just hope these help anyone even in the smallest way possible!

I am absolutely speechless at the traction this got!! I really hope it helped folks! Please remember that this was to help creatives improve their reach! So those saying "just switch to chronological TL" are great, but the comments help our reach more 💜 even just an emoji!