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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

"Am I going to die?' Relived the day I was diagnosed with cancer with my parents to mark 10 years cancer free.

Landed and all I can say is at least Drake showed up (1/12.5)

lmao thank you to everyone who tweeted, genuinely.

lmao of course I board my flight and United score twice. Someone tweet me if they score.

No, but I once played a game of Giant Jenga with Carrot Top in Vegas. That was, something.

I’ve always used a Z because, well, that’s my name and yes people always spell it with an S

Excited to now be on a plane during it. Either way, this team will be fun to watch this season.

look, I’ve backed Ole for some time, but this might be it.

For about a million reasons it’s been a really crappy trip to Vegas, topped off by flight home being delayed 2 hours, so if anyone has any questions feel free to ask away!

Love the commentators being shocked at Paul Pogba saying something needed to change after Saturday’s loss, then laughing saying the change was him on the bench today, all while United’s down 2-0 to an undermanned Atalanta side.

they stink, man.

Just a friendly reminder. 🥰 |

Nets lost this game when Jevon Carter put on two different Kobe's

First tarmac delay in almost 2 years, we’re really back.


lmaooooo of course

welcome the hell back marcus