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Jessica William

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Anime Pokemon Dragon Ball Video Games Tokusatsu Toys That's my life in a nutshell. Yup.

This game has a great sense of humor lol

I’ve got my eye on DBZ Kakarot I am TOTALLY buyin it on PS4

Got back home from Atlantic City - spent $20 on a machine and lost it pretty fast lol Went to another casino (the Hard Rock) and got another $20 for being new. Used that on a machine and ended up with 32! Love when I win anything at the slots lol

Accurate image of Disney slapping the shit out of Nintendo for asking to use any slither of the disney property that isn’t the keychain

people making up scenarios in the comments to act like I’m an idiot or an asshole: she literally did forget, and I know what on the rocks means and it is not incorrect to say it that way it was just unexpected in the context lmfao calm down it was a lighthearted fond memory

I hope the woman who forgot the word “iced” and so asked me for a caramel macchiato “on the rocks” yesterday is doing well

I also hope the guy who stared at us for a minute and a half and then announced “sorry, I didn’t see you, I’m on acid” got home safely

Again stay tuned for the full column for a better translation. See you all later! 4/4

Sakurai told that manager that he wished to see Sora in Smash and somehow they were able to make it work. It took a lot of talks between Square Enix, Nintendo and Disney to get Sora into Smash. 3/4

The barrier for Sora joining the battle was quite high. In fact the negotiation team might have thought it would be impossible. Sora joining Smash is actually the result of a lucky meeting between Sakurai and one of the heads of Disney at an award show. 2/4

Sakurai Column Leak About Sora NOTE: this isn't the full column but a translation of a summary of the column. Stay tuned for the full translation when the column becomes available. The wording may change. I'll link that tweet thread in this one when it's available. 1/4

I love her a lot

I wouldn't be surprised if they wanted to do a pompadour but went with something simpler

Get "A Boy and his Dog Zero" by at

Happy 79th Birthday to Robert Costanzo! He is the voice actor for Phil in Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts 2, and Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep!

Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger