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I'm a massive advocate for making Politics a compulsory subject, as part of the secondary school curriculum. More so now, considering the current state of political affairs. Do you think that politics should be a mandatory part of the school curriculum? Please RT once answered

Working class children must be discouraged from pursuing careers in the media. God forbid they start reporting on the terrible policy decisions enacted by the .

The fact that it's still only 50%, is incredibly concerning. , & Co. are still getting away with spewing endless amounts of misinformation.

- Energy prices = Up - Food prices = Up - Inflation = Up - Universal Credit = Down. Is this what meant by his "levelling up" agenda?

Corruption in plain sight. Yet, people continue to vote for the .

As we slowly make our way to a more Americanised system, this will only get worse.

Other than damaging an already underperforming education system, what qualifies ⁦⁩ to be knighted?

I admire the , but it's irrefutable that it's becoming nothing more than a government mouthpiece, at this point.

I find myself agreeing with . Shamima Begum should return to the UK. She's our problem. She should face the full force of our justice system, appropriately. Revoking once's citizenship, sets a dangerous precedent.

Holy sh*t, absolutely tearing apart GBNews and . This is fantastic television.

Our new Justice Secretary: ✅Has spent a decade misleading the public about legal aid ✅Wants to abolish the Human Rights Act just because ✅Spread misinformation about “unelected judges” thwarting Brexit ✅Doesn’t know the difference between a verdict and a judgment

As I said earlier, is the most idiotic appointment in today's .

Absolutely f*cking ridiculous. By far the most idiotic appointment of this whole .

This is the most diverse the 'Big Four Offices of State' have ever been, yet, it's also the most politically regressive.

The chap who doesn't support the Human Rights Act (), is now the Secretary of State for Justice, Lord Chancellor and Deputy Prime Minister. Harrowing.

Incredibly glad to see go. There are few in Johnson's cabinet, more corrupt than this man.

The chap who doesn't support the Human Rights Act (), is in the running to become the next Secretary of State for Justice. Harrowing.

Fingers crossed we see the back of , in today's . Though, it seems highly unlikely. Incompetence encapsulates 's government.

The lack of masks on the government benches, is astonishing. Simply further facilitating distrust in his own COVID policy.

The Prime Minister should not get the final word in . It simply allows him another opportunity to bluster, and spread further misinformation regarding his detrimental policies.