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Jessica William

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🚨 STREAMING GUIDES : A Thread 🚨 Attaching all important tweets in this thread for everyone’s convenience❤️ • YOUTUBE STREAMING GUIDE and YOUTUBE COMMENT GUIDE

Streaming this overnight playlist today! Share yours! You can steal this ‘s playlist too! 🌝

It’s all good if it brings fans together but at times we all end up judging a song this way, I believe winning hearts is more important but if the fandom comes together for a song it’s beautiful….The obsession with numbers though is dangerous, audience needs to change first :)

Bohot ho gaye lambe lambe tweets. In the end, conclusion yeh hi nikla ki fans streaming karein aur streaming important hai to support any artist. Thank you!

Mediocrity hai, but hum toh achhe artists ko support karte hai na, toh woh toh dil se karo 🤦🏻‍♀️ Achhe artists ko asli support milega toh mediocrity ki jagah nahi rahegi. Isiliye toh fans ka support zaruri hai.

Nahi karna woh alag baat hai, but yeh kehna ki jo kar rahe hai woh galat hai, yeh baat galat hai. If we know a better way to support our artists, we will do it, we will let others in the fandom know about it too, if they want to get on board they will join us. Simple.

Kaun Kaun Batao 🤣🤣🤣

The way I can support is by streaming… which I do nonetheless! I don’t wait for streaming parties, plus living in a different continent makes it difficult! So I do what I can on my end … for 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸

And if the fans have the power, why not use it in a nice, effective & efficient way by bringing everyone together and celebrating the music of our favourite artists. It is only stupid to think these things don’t matter in this day and age. Good music should be supported & shared.

Man has said it all. Whether it is a label driven trend or whatsoever, the only truth is every artist will like more numbers and if the fans have the power to do that for them they should do it. Enjoy the music no one is stopping but if you can support your artist, do that too.

To be honest even if the biggest artists in the world release a song and don’t promote it at all. Organically it will cross a million or more in a day….That’s the truth !

I have to catch up on so many Instagram lives, podcasts and interviews by 😫 Not getting the time to do that and enjoy some my time 😔

Ab Next Platform Chalo, ko bhi lao Twitter pe yeh sab dekhne 🤣🤪🥷

First time on the other side of the lens! My first ever ❤️

Loved the Twitter description we got for yesterday’s stream party! Keep Streaming PYAAR EK TARFAA ON SPOTIFY

Yeh hai humara pyaar do TARFAA 🙌🏻❤ PYAAR EK TARFAA ON SPOTIFY