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Yes. The military has criminal jurisdiction to prosecute/court-martial service members for any crime they commit, whether the offenses violate the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice) or violate civilian laws.

Don’t let the media fool you- 2021 is still an election year. Virginia needs you right now. We must stop Trump’s handpicked governors by getting elected democrat patriots like he need all the support he can get to win in

BREAKING NEWS: Obama rips New Jersey Republican Gubernatorial candidate Jack Ciattarelli for saying he “didn’t know” when he headlined a white supremacist rally: “When the crowd is waving a large confederate flag, you know this isn’t a neighborhood barbecue.” RT TO THANK OBAMA!

I agree with Chris Wallace: Jen Psaki IS one of the best Press Secretaries EVER. Do you agree?

Democrats are leaning toward dropping a $150 billion program aimed at pushing utilities to draw more power from clean-energy sources as Sen. Joe Manchin remains opposed.

We’re all in this mess together, Ed. Trump & aspiring dictators of his ilk are a global problem. A threat to human rights, a threat to equal rights, a threat to the rule of law, a threat to decency, empathy & diversity. Thank you for your support, concern & determination.

BREAKING: Politifact busts FOX’s Laura Ingraham airing photos of empty grocery store shelves taken during Trump’s presidency and using them to trick viewers into blaming President Biden for botching the current global supply chain crisis. RT IF YOU THINK THAT INGRAHAM IS A FRAUD!

The irony of congressional Republicans supporting an aspiring dictatorial president is that a dictator will have no use for a co-equal legislative branch. Then again the Rs in Congress have already happily given away their power by voting to void their own subpoenas, so …

There's a report that Jared Kushner is in talks to receive upward of $2B from Saudi Arabia for his private equity firm. Maybe the Prince will also give him a signed bone saw. I have a revolting image of Kushner telling his wife: "We did it, honey, I told you. We're set forever."

Fine, I'll boost myself. U.S. Army Vet .

Meet the ONLY Democrat who voted for Brett Cavanagh. Ladies and gentlemen I give you .

Here are the Consequences to Democracy if AG Garland/DOJ Refuse to Prosecute Trump’s Election Crimes. via

BOOM! The Wisconsin Legislative Audit Bureau has just concluded that Trump lost Wisconsin - AGAIN. How do you feel? (Gifs Only).

This is a RED ALERT! Do not let Virginia become Texas and Florida. Vote 'D' for democracy. Here are the stakes.

Thank you for the assist does he still work for you?

Mike Flynn's "other" brother Jack and wife had sued CNN for defaming them as Q followers. Yesterday, the judge said: “The Flynns’ statements show they followed the opinions of and imitated QAnon. CNN’s statement they were QAnon followers was substantially true." Suit dismissed.

😂😂😂 One Trump Media SPAC Investor Has Already Pulled Out