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Jessica William

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"It was my honor & privilege to sentence you because, sir, you don't deserve to walk out of prison ever again''. Judge Rosemarie Aquilina told disgraced doctor Larry Nassar. 💯

Indian media is running a full-time campaign against & asking govt to ban it in India. 🤷 This started after a clip of DC Comics' movie went viral in India in which Superman & Wonder Woman can be seen destroying military equipment in "Disputed Kashmir".

why are all these chomus followed by modi

Pakistan NAVY , yet again, blocks Indian submarine from entering into Pakistan waters.

For Indian radical patriots, everything is always about imaginary alliances.

From radical Islamisation to radical liberalisation 😂😂😂

How do PTI expects to win the next election with this out of control inflation? Do government really have any plan or they already know that they're not going to win elections so not interested in doing anything to control inflation?

Reham has to give all the proceeds from her sex novel to Zulfi now. 😭😭😭 If this isnt karma i dunno what is.

ایک بندہ سروائیول کی جنگ لڑ رہا ہوتا ہے اور 500 لوگ نصیحتوں کی پٹاری کھول کر بیٹھے ہوتے ہیں۔ او بھئی اسے تم سے زیادہ اپنی فکر ہے تسی لوگ ناں دسو اس نوں کی کرنا چاہی دا ہے کی نہیں

Looks like Baloch militants, operating from their Afghanistan based sanctuaries, will have to find a new home. Afghan Taliban have started hunting Baloch militants responsible for targeting Chinese funded Belt & Road project in Pakistan's Balochistan region.

In return for their actions against Baloch militants and removing Uyghur insurgents, Taliban expect economic support, development cooperation and humanitarian assistance from Islamabad and Beijing, which Afghanistan directly needs at this juncture.

The whereabouts of these militants arrested by taliban are unknown. These groups fear Taliban will handover their arrested members to Pakistani authorities.

Taliban have started arresting members & sympathisers of Baloch separatist groups in Nizmroz & Kandahar provinces. These provinces were considered safe havens of Baloch militais before Afghan taliban took over Afghanistan.

Balochistan is an important pathway of BRI project but it is also marked with unrest & insurgency by baloch militants who have been targeting Chinese interests in this region. Recently numerous Chinese engineers were killed in an attack by Baloch militant group BLA.

Another Friday. Another Shia Mosque targeted in Afghanistan. This time in .

🚩 Two Indian soldiers killed in Poonch, Kashmir. ⚠️ Two days. ⚠️ 7 soldiers killed. ⚠️ 2 JCOs among the dead. We're looking at a new wave of militancy brewing up in , led by local Kashmiri youth instead of Pakistani infiltrators. This is BAD NEWS for India.

Kashmiri OSINT sources are reporting another encounter ongoing in Dratti village of , Kashmir. Reports of heavy casualties on Indian army side. Likely it was an ambush set up by militant. 🚩 This isn't independently verified. Waiting for any confirmation.