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Jessica William

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Aryan khan’s bail rejected and it is clear harassment. How can a person remain in jail for more than 20 days, who was not in possession of drugs neither consumed. While Bharti Singh was given bail on the same day, who was having 86 gm drugs. Means 2 laws for 2 different people.

A timeless film that made us believe in romance and continues to stay in our hearts forever. ❤️

23 years of pyaar, dosti and a bunch of memories! This was my first time behind the camera and it ignited an unparalleled love for the cinema in me that continues to drive me till today...

Congratulations ! Don’t worry , we’re still 2 out of 3. Keep ur heads up!

Happy birthday 🎂 I hope all your birthday wishes and dreams come true and have a great day today 😊 and keep Spreading Love ♥️ for sir 🙏

We dreamt together, we won together! Thanks a ton & wish you all the success my people! P.s. The thriller birthday gift gave me goosebumps, loved it! 💪

The introduction of Iyer. The rise of Gill. The contributions from Rana, Lockie and Varun. Mavi picking up towards the end. Narine putting the POTM performance in the eliminator. Incredible turnaround scripted by a spirited team. Well done, Morgan’s

What a HISTORIC VICTORY BY   .. UNBELIEVABLE MATCH, KKR into the FINALS .. .. Korbo Lorbo Jitbo re ..


What a game! Rahul Tripathi naam to sunte rahoge

That was the most incredible 4 over turnaround. Kolkata almost outdoing Punjab, but Tripathi saving it. Great game.

That was intense…brilliant win 1 more to go!!

Rahul naam toh suna hi hoga ||

It’s true! Love you Bhai Jaan! ! 🙏🌹


Congratulations to . What a victory in a nail biting match

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