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Jessica William

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was getting more votes than makers' favourites so they evicted her unfairly. Worst season ever.. crossed every limit of biasness. UNFAIR EVICTION OF AKSHARA

Stopped watching .. Now days BB fans (especially on twitter) are so toxic.. Earlier ppl used to make their fav after watching performances of all the contestants..then some started supporting based on region. Now many are supporting based on religion 👎

Soon and going to enter in BB15 house as a wild cards.. Are you excited?

Queen is coming to rule Bollywood again🔥🔥 Give her any character, she will make it iconic 😎

Bye friends and supporters of and .. Enjoy 👍

I am leaving twitter now😏

I think I am going to change my party 😂😂 is now my new favourite...full support to pratik💪

fans are triggered by just one normal tweet😂😂 Chill guys... I'm not free to do trolling n all.... But One thing I want to guys don't know me so better not to provoke me..I don't care about negative comments..

If I start trolling , it'll be fun fighting on twitter 😝😝 But problem is I can't give so much time😌😌

, , and are not nominated.. Good decision by other Jungle wasi.. Now this nomination is equal for all..the one who disappoints in coming days, will get evicted 👍 fair chance..

is smart but not as smart as .. When Afsana took Vishal's name.. Vishal to Karan - Tu bhi kuch bol😂 Karan was like this is not the right time to say anything 😎😎

First time took a right decision without taking any decision 😂😂 Otherwise dono ko nominate kara deti😜

For 2 minutes I thought now started playing.. Next minute Umar again came in his safe zone👎

was taking the right name..I don't understand why took 's name.. 's game is only and she's definitely weaker than Vidhi.. Dono nominate hote to ek pakka BB will save Ieshaan..

Most of the 's fans including me are supporting ... I hope Akshara bhi jaldi aa jaye...then game will be more interesting ❤️

ne promo me wahi bola jo audience ki thinking h👍 is very comfortable in doing all this tharak because she was in Splitsvilla...but this is a family show.. and should be thrown out from the show Asap..

Yesterday I shared a video of and .some started saying they r just hugging 😂 Now how they r going to defend this lust story🤔 I agree with ..agar 9 mahine ka show hota 2 se 3 ho kar aate. Parents kya sochenge inke🤮

If I get 15 rts in next 5 minutes, I'll further participate in trend... Otherwise no point.. JANTA WANTS AKSHARA SINGH

We are trending at number 38 with 44.9k tweets.. JANTA WANTS AKSHARA SINGH

How many are still active and participating in trend? Rt and let me know.. JANTA WANTS AKSHARA SINGH