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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

For Awakening's birthday, I started playing Lunatic+ Needless to say, it didn't last long

Velouria watching the weird-ass dogs in my barracks

i’ve had this wip of ganyu for the longest time,.. finally colored her for da suggestion <3

Novice Vacationer!! (Drawing #113 - Female Corrin) A summer Corrin to get back into the swing of things again!! Somewhere in the outrealms its definitely still summer!! 😎

It's finally here! I've made a longer video, discussing about the future of Fire Emblem on the Switch! It's my first time doing this, so ANY feedback is really appreciated!! I hope you like it! If you can also leave a follow, I'd be quite glad, too <3

Woaah thanks so much for 1k likes!!

I'll be opening Commissions tomorrow! (10/15/21) Contact me Via DM's if you're interested! Here's my Prices and Terms for the time being. I'll be doing 5 slots at a time

Quick doodle! Ever alert, Tiki has trained herself to sleep with her eyes open.

Here are my doodles of 6 fanarts! Thanks to everyone who gave suggestions! I wish I could do them all but there were only 6 boxes 😅. Felt nice to switch back to doing a little digital art after all the recent clay art

Thank you for 10k! I drew my favourites to celebrate

Annas in squid game (They're in it for the money) 🙃 tbh Dimitri would win in the end since he'd kill every last one of them

doing a Birthday Art Raffle!! I'll be selecting TWO (2) winners to do a half body drawing of a character of their choice - OCs are welcomed too! -simply follow and retweet! ends Oct. 18, 2021 - winners will be randomly selected & announced Oct. 19 *won't do NSFW, furry, mecha

I drew Jill Stingray✨ Happy Birthday gift for ‼️😊

Going for a walk with Sakura

Anna stretching after a long day at work...

✨2,000 FOLLOWER GIVEAWAY!!✨✅Follow + RT to enter ✅Winner will be decided on October 17th I'm giving away a character portrait w/ landscape background like the attached examples! Can be of an existing character or an OC. :) Thank you so much for all your support! 💖

Wanted to draw Marianne with her hair down

ok ok here's kitty sakura. maybe i like halloween a little bit i guess