Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer


Wordpress Developer

Bill Gates

C & C++ Developer

Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Prayer shouldn't be an option, it should be your daily necessity 🖤

is this you? Oba she is your sister?😩.....

Whenever I do good business or receive a quality service from someone, I never get tired of recommending that person everywhere I go👌

if I sing around you I am 101% comfortable with you.

I PURPOSELY ignore hints so people can speak up and be direct like an adult

From reporting all Uganda’s sins to the Pope.

The Patio UG is HIRING!!!!! We are looking for experienced waiters and floor managers to join our growing team. If you have passion to serve happiness and have at least 2 years experience, please inbox us or Call 0708 230 766.

Stay close to anything that makes you feel alive!🌻♥️

Y’all should jump on the Waka Waka challenge 💃🏿😍

Thank you for the daily prayers love, love and appreciate it so much 🤍🦋

The leading teams from the moot preliminaries are; Team I - 76.2% Team J - 75.2% Team D - 74.9% Team L - 71.8% We are now at the semi-finals, where team L Vs J and team I Vs D are proceeding.


Birungi Faith () is a communication and digital marketing professional experienced in the delivery of 360° communications integrating public relations, marketing & digital strategy across different business sectors. Follow her for more PR & digital communications info

The Painting: The palette:

Yo Chelsea jersey plug 💃💃🥰😍 at 90kplayers version

Population Media Centre uses radio serie dramas to positively impact on the lives of people in communities.

The 8th Annual inter University law moot competition are still on🔥 These annual competitions equip participants with practical skills that will enable them access to justice for communities and advocate for SRHR.

8th Annual National Inter-University Constitutional Law Moot Court Competition

You have no right to call someone via video call if they don’t know you like that!

When happiness looks good on you, wear it more often 💞🎀

Thanks dia …… 💚💚