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Jessica William

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The bookmark I always wishing for 💘 Thanks Yaar 😍

Kindness in love! Yes!! Asked if he was a romantic lover, he paused, said yes. I make her laugh, I listen, I clean, I help with babies!’

SRK's Friend :- "Yesterday I get a caIl from someone and he saif if you want we can get this whole matter settled for a fix amount of money"

कारण दर्जन भर से ज़्यादा ही हैं, पर सबसे बड़ा कारण कि उसने देश का नाम हमेशा बढ़ाया है और उस की रगों में स्वतंत्रता सेनानी का ख़ून बहता है. इतना काफ़ी है मेरे लिये

शाहरुख़ को ये अधिकार नहीं है कि वो अपने बेटे से मिलने जेल जाये । अगर जायेगा तो NCB को भी उनके घर आने अधिकार होगा । हिसाब बराबर ।

has taught an entire generation how to love. What happened today at was heartbreaking to watch. This hostage crisis must end.

" में नरगिस बानो शाहरुख खान के साथ खड़ी हूँ , शाहरुख खान एक नरम दिल के इंसान है , क्या आप शाहरुख का समर्थन करते हो RT करके बताए "... सैल्यूट SRK

The most loved man globally! ❤️ These times too will pass sir! We are all with you & your family…We all love you more and more WE STAND WITH SHAH RUKH KHAN

Looking at the support is getting here and from the sensible Neutrals it really feels we are not alone. India is with ❤️ WE STAND WITH SHAHRUKH KHAN

55k + 50k = 105k + tweets smashed on WE STAND WITH SHAH RUKH KHAN and

हम जीए है तो शाहरुख खान के लिए मरेंगे भी तो शाहरुख खान के लिए । इस देश के कोने कोने मे Srkian है । हमारे खून के कतरे कतरे में शाहरुख खान के लिए प्यार है और रहेगा । WE STAND WITH SHAH RUKH KHAN

As meets his son for the 1st time in jail & accuses of extortion, is Bollywood a sitting duck? WhatsApp chats & “6 gms of charas” enough to be accused of trafficking? Are civil liberties in jeopardy? At 10 pm

एक खास एजेंडे को सपोर्ट करने में कुछ लोग इतने अंधे हो गए हैं कि उन्हें सही और गलत से फर्क ही नहीं पर रहा।

Incredibly Proud of this! Wrote something.. on the man who represents India like no one else does! No one else can. We are with you.. will always be. No matter what!!! 🤍🤍🤍

जो लोग शाहरुख खान को बीजेपी जॉइन करने की सलाह दें रहे है उनकी बुद्धिमत्ता पे तरस आ रहा है कुछ लोग टूट जाते है मगर झुकते नही हैं वैसे भी शाहरुख खान नाम नही ब्रांड हैं ।

SRK's name has been etched in the history books as the actor who feared none. He might be a soft target and also vulnerable coz of the heights he has reached, but he is fearless. He won't bow down ✊ WE STAND WITH SHAH RUKH KHAN

Feel sorry for . Hopefully his family will soon overcome this crisis.

The post is still available and it clearly shows that he was in Dubai.

Stay Strong King Khan And Family. We fans are always with you boss They can never let you down , You are the King, Gem, Heart of million people. "WE STAND WITH SHAH RUKH KHAN"