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In the middle of a pandemic, in the Bronx where 1 in 5 don't have enough to eat trashed a business, destroying produce in a food desert This family is just trying to run a small business, and sell affordable fruits & veggies. beyond wrong

The vendor is clearly a beloved member of her community. Neighbors crowded around her, calling for the abuse to stop Thousands of dollars worth of oranges, tomatoes, and other fruits trashed Taken from an immigrant woman entrepreneur, already hard hit by the pandemic

The systemic abuse of our city's micro-businesses and disregard for hunger is a travesty. Our communities deserve care, support, and training. Thankful to the community members who donated to the vendor yesterday to help her get back on her feet. do you condone this?

The abuse of street vendors will continue until there is legislative change, creating a pathway for NYC’s smallest businesses to formalize Support vendors by calling your State Senator & Assemblymember to by passing S1175/A5081 NOW!

🚨 TOMORROW 🚨 Stand Up for Street Vendors! Street vendors are a vital part of our community and our smallest businesses 🗓 Sunday, September 26th ⏰ 12 PM 📍 White Plains Rd & Pelham Parkway Alongside

"I'm here in the rain, I'm here in the snow. I've been working to provide food but also to take care of my family" shares Diana, longtime Bronx street vendor Diana, pictured here in photo by IG User @heroichira, in front of NYPD officers at her fruit stand on Thursday 9/23

"Instead of giving her the opportunity to formalize her business and get a permit, Diana is being criminalized" Women immigrant entrepreneurs like Diana are exactly who NYC should be supporting to formalize their businesses By

"To truly address the tale of two cities, we must protect our street vendors I urge my colleagues to join me in cosponsoring A5081A to create a fair street vending license program. Let's get this done New York" Thank you !!

Thank you for sponsoring S1175 "to help our street vendors finally obtain the permits they need in order to do business on the streets of New York. It's incumbent on us in to protect & help the entrepreneurial spirit of our smallest businesses"

State Senators, will you join your colleagues in signing S1175A so our smallest businesses have the opportunity to formalize? CC:

poverty is a fucking lie

Indeed it is. It’s a straight up policy choice.