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📺LIVE: Join this press briefing on the pandemic and vaccine rollout in . Dr is joined by Dr Aly Ngon Tambdou & Dr Ngozi Erondu ().

North Kivu, 🇨🇩: is supporting 's response to , including surveillance, contact tracing, testing & vaccination. More than 45,700 travelers have been screened at points of entry & 148 people have been vaccinated so far.

Pleasure being part of 's Immunization & Polio Eradication forum - a show of commitment to advancing immunization coverage to save lives & livelihoods. Immunization is a sound investment. Every dollar spent on vaccines can save govts $44 in future health expenditure.

UPDATE: in 🇨🇩 Situation Report (21/10/21) ▪️ 5 confirmed cases ▪️ 3 deaths ▪️ 514 contacts identified ▪️ 426 contacts monitored

WHO is working with partners to strengthen 🇬🇦’s response. With support, life-saving personal protective equipment () was delivered to to protect frontline health workers working day and night to fight the pandemic.

vaccines protect you from severe illness and death from the virus. ✔️ If you do get COVID-19 after being fully vaccinated, you're much less likely to face severe illness and hospitalization as the vaccine is protecting you.

If the vaccines aren't everywhere, this pandemic isn't going anywhere. Join our fight to end the pandemic:

Cholera is preventable, but a significant public health problem across . In 🇿🇲, is bolstering 's cholera control & elimination efforts in hotspots. Over 3.5 million people have so far been vaccinated across 7 districts with & support.

UPDATE: in 🇨🇩 Situation Report (20/10/21) ▪️ 5 confirmed cases ▪️ 3 deaths ▪️ 489 contacts identified ▪️ 408 contacts monitored

Lower-income countries have too often been elbowed out in the race to acquire cutting-edge vaccines & therapeutics. This investment will shorten the route for our Region to secure this promising drug.

Today we’re committing $120 million to accelerate access to molnupiravir, a promising drug for responding to COVID-19. Therapeutics like this usually take at least one year to reach low-income nations. We’re aiming to reduce that gap significantly.

WHO is supporting South Sudan🇸🇸's vaccine rollout - with SURGE teams on ground to help the country identify and address gaps its rollout. Today, , country teams and partners are on their way to visit vaccination centres Yambio.

Excellent meeting with 🇨🇩 Health Minister today. We identified more opportunities to grow our important partnership. is fully committed to supporting 's work to strengthen health systems, respond to emergencies & deliver .

Kicked off mission meeting with Hon Samy Adumbango Awotho, 🇨🇩Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, to discuss strengthening cooperation. I applaud 's efforts to increase investment in health systems to prevent, prepare for, & better respond to health crises.

Symptoms of new variants of are similar to the original virus: ⚫ Fever ⚫ Runny nose ⚫ Persistent cough ⚫ Sore throat ⚫ Headache

to stop the spread of new, stronger variants: ✅Keep a safe distance ✅Clean your hands frequently ✅Wear a mask ✅Open windows ✅Get vaccinated when it’s your turn ✅Cough or sneeze into your elbow

Glad to be in Kinshasa, 🇨🇩 for a couple of days. Looking forward to a productive mission meeting local and national leaders, including H.E. , as well as attending the National Immunization & Polio Eradication Forum tomorrow.

UPDATE: in 🇨🇩 Situation Report (19/10/21) ▪️ 5 confirmed cases ▪️ 3 deaths ▪️ 432 contacts identified ▪️ 378 contacts monitored

. & partners visit treatment center in , 🇨🇩 to review case management of Ebola patients. With 5 cases confirmed, emergency response teams continue to support to step up surveillance. So far, over 27,000 travelers have been screened.

Washing your hands frequently with soap and water can help to reduce the spread of . 🦠 Here are a few of the key times to wash your hands ⬇️

Understanding knowledge, attitudes & behaviours makes a difference in response. Take the free online course to learn how to use WHO’s 🆕 social & behavioural data collection tool for , the first course in the series. 👉🏿