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What: Who: Health leaders from the Western Pacific When: 25-29 October Where: Himeji, Japan 🇯🇵 & online What: 😷 👩🏽‍⚕️Primary health care 🏫School health 🌿Traditional medicine 🫁 Mark your 📅!

We must get back on track – over 23 million children missed out on routine immunization services in 2020. Make sure you and your family are up to date on vaccines.

But without high childhood vaccination rates, countries face risks of multiple disease outbreaks. Spread of diseases like measles, polio or meningitis could be catastrophic for countries already battling .

Polio workers leave more than just a purple mark on the pinkies of children they vaccinate. They leave their mark on the 🌎 by providing other needed services like clean water, nutrition supplements, bed nets and much more. .

The work of the polio program doesn’t stop with a vaccine. The infrastructure created to around the world is being used every day to: 🏙️ promote cleaner, safer communities 💉 fight other diseases 🔨 build a healthier future.

Polio cases are down 99.9% since 1988, but the pandemic has set back vaccinations and placed this incredible progress at risk. This , we must strengthen our efforts to and ensure that progress against this virus is not lost.

🇺🇳 HUMAN RIGHTS 🇺🇳 EQUALITY 🇺🇳 DIGNITY & WORTH OF EVERY PERSON 🇺🇳 INTERNATIONAL LAW 🇺🇳 PEACE On Sunday's , we celebrate the ideals laid out in the UN Charter over 75 years ago - more relevant today than ever.

is one of the leading causes of death in the Western Pacific. But it doesn’t have to be. With proper treatment, people like Josephine Jim in PNG 🇵🇬 can live life to the full & look forward to the future. Read Josephine’s story. ⬇

Members of our Secretariat have touched down in 🇯🇵 to kick off . This beautiful welcome sign was created by people with disabilities, school children and elderly people from the city of Himeji and I’m happy to share it with you all.

VaccinesWork to bring us closer to a world without .

In June 2021, the 🇵🇭 declared the polio outbreak that started in 2019 as over, an amazing public health win!

In September 2021, 🇲🇾declared the outbreak in the country as over, following a successful vaccination campaign. Kudos to Malaysia!

In 2021, countries in the Western Pacific successfully declared outbreaks as over despite the pandemic, following years of intensive vaccination campaigns and surveillance activities. to bring us closer to eradicating polio.

To , it is crucial that everyone – especially children who have missed their vaccine doses during the pandemic – are fully vaccinated and protected against .

Remember, there is NO cure for , but it can be prevented through vaccination. Polio vaccines are safe and effective.

It's ! Protect yourself and your loved ones from . Polio vaccines, given multiple times, can protect a child for life. Proper hygiene and sanitation (use a toilet, wash hands) also help limit the disease’s spread.

Dr Liu Tao’s experience with SARS led him to explore traditional and complementary medicine alongside Western medicine. Many communities across our region use traditional and complementary medicine to treat a variety of ailments. Read his journey:

Dr Gantsengel Purev never expected to care for his grandmother in the ward. “My patients are no different from my grandmother and grandfmother,” says the doctor from 🇲🇳 Read Dr Purev's story and follow . ⬇

If you’ve been bullied, then you know what Timothy Liau, an engineering student from has been through. His experience has led him to create an app to help promote empathy. Learn more about Timothy’s story & his view on in schools.

On 25-29 October, health leaders from across the Western Pacific Region will meet for the 72nd session of the Regional Committee. : tune in to the virtual press conference with at 2:00PM GMT+9 on 25 October. LIVE on all our social media channels

In Lao PDR 🇱🇦, health workers like Khamphet Vilayphone are often the first & last line of care for hard-to-reach communities. is the foundation of a strong health system, leading to equitable health for everyone, everywhere.