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Jessica William

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Hi! I made a site for those who have a fear of loud sounds but still want to enjoy watching movies. The site has limited entries so it would be great if you could help make it grow by watching movies! A retweet could help raise awareness 🥰

I love the manga style visuals in this ending!

Attack of the Pom Pom part 2

She’s giving Jadeite quite a bit to do 😭

This reminds me of that one scene in the 2001 anime where Hana conveniently goes on a walk at night and finds Tohru crying

All best characters in Furuba always appear in precise moment of hopeless situation for rescue!

Hana really does save the day!



Justice for Kagura

The way I love this opening

They executed this shocking reveal so well!😭 It immediately left me wanting more!

There may be some lost Sailor Moon episodes 👀 On the Sailor Moon Fan Club podcast, Mary Long (voice of Molly Baker) told me that she directed a few specials that never aired 😱 She doesn't remember what they were about though 😭 Watch below ⬇️ Full episode on YouTube!

The way I was so shocked by the first major reveal of this episode 😳

Now this is where Fruits Basket starts stepping up a notch 👀

Happy weekend! Here’s Part 2 of “Make Up! Season 1 Transformations” on my Ko-fi. Enjoy, and check out the other content that’s on there!

I love seeing Hatori’s relationship with the others

Looks like I need to start the series very soon 😳

It’s like Ayame do you know what Akito is like 😭😭😂😂

ufo looking like absolute geniuses for not stepping up the production values for the Kimetsu movie, which now allows them to recut it for TV with a bit of extra footage without making the mix look awkward