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Jessica William

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This is one of the best birthday presents I have gotten. My family know how important is to me and because I wasn't going to any live shows due to the pandemic they spent the money on my Cameo. You're worth it Champ, one day I hope I'll meet you! God willing ♥️

They say a picture says a thousand words right? Well this one certainly does! See ya

Have a great day everyone, tonight’s the night… Roman Reigns is a different kinda beast and we love him! 😌♥️ he got this!

Good morning to my gorgeous Champ,Roman Reigns! I know you are gonna steal the show tonight like only you can and I’m looking forward to acknowledging my Tribal Chief! Go do your thing king… whoop Lesnar’s ass and take your title home! #1 👆🏼♥️

He’s truly special look at him! 😍 Good night guys ♥️ always known he was #1 👆🏼

416 days of greatness and domination! 🔥 “Few will ever know what it feels like to carry everything on their back. In this generation there is only one.!” - Roman Reigns The Head Of The Table. The Tribal Chief.

I hope tomorrow night Roman Reigns gets a really spectacular entrance… imagine his new theme and all that swag! 😌🔥 #1 of WWE

I’ll be back, one thing I know for sure is Roman Reigns puts on a freaking show… don’t matter the opponents! He’s the best Wouldn’t it be great if he bought back the chain! 😌

I’m sure this was from 2019 when Roman Reigns returned! And he still cute even when sand swept and just woken up 😂

Jeeze this render is hot!🔥

Good to see the boys have a match too, would be better if they weren’t on the kick off show AGAIN tho!

Home time… let me just bless your timeline!! Roman Reigns with a ponytail 🔥🔥🔥

A quick lunchtime Roman Reigns appreciation tweet! Lucky Saudi got him again 😎🔥

Now this is a beast!! A sexy ass whoopin’ Samoan beast!! No one can touch him! 🔥👆🏼

Let the King motivate you and have a wonderful day everyone! ♥️ see ya! him 🔥

Wishing my gorgeous Tribal Chief Roman Reigns a beautiful day, safe travels. Saudi Arabia about to be blessed with greatness!! ♥️ you Champ!

I mean….. what a tease!!!! If you blink you miss him 😂

Yessir…. My gorgeous one and crew travelling on a private jet! I love that Roman has Jimmy and Jey by his side all the time now! We know he loves them the most! ♥️♥️♥️

Hey huni sorry I can’t stick around your are clearly busy and I’m feeling tired ♥️😘 love you beautiful

Anyways, you guys enjoy the rest of your Tuesday and this gorgeous king! ♥️

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