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I do think long hair being almost exclusively reserved to womyn in modern society is a result of patriarchal standards changing to impose stricter more easily seen gender roles onto everyone and that as it is currently, long hair is a restrictive standard imposed on womyn

not to spill too much on main but like 15-20 years ago who would’ve thought porn would be so normalised and pervasive, especially violent abusive porn… now that this deepfake superimposition tech is on the rise im genuinely concerned and anxious about what’s going to happen next

If someone gets aroused or enjoys your pain, that person does not care about you or your well being. Men’s porn consumption is a public health crisis, women need to understand how dangerous these men are. Men are using sex to express their woman hatred.

The insinuation here is that sex workers, current or exited, must be silent about any victimization they experience, or they themselves are responsible for stigmatization. This sort of manipulation is clearly meant to force solidarity with the industry to protect pimps and johns.

these are the first comments in the video and its just incredible how people care more about a clump of cells than actual children dying

Hip dips, wide rib cages, and big shoulders are some of the new insecurities I’m hearing girls and women worry about. It’s extremely sick that women waste so much time hating themselves. Men get to exist in their natural state while women keep trying to change theirs.

i am going to single-handedly change the tl discussion to period poverty! gyns, what do you do to help women struggling with this? i’m currently volunteering with a women’s shelter and would love to hear other’s stories! also; drop organizations that we can donate to in replies!

Not just as lesbian women either, but as young teenage lesbians we're hyper-aware of who we are because it is often the straight and bi girls our age who shun and "other" us while treating us like predatory perverts for not being boy-crazy. It starts young.

When ever someone starts a thread about something, it's always "we should be talking about xyz instead of this rubbish". Okay then you do that. Gyns are always complaining that discourse doesn't happen or "we fight more than anything" but-

The home-made banners of British Indian women's suffrage campaigners, including Princess Sophia Alexandra Duleep Singh, a prominent suffragette and accredited physician in the UK

Men’s sexual strategy is manipulative and it’s extremely predatory. It’s not normal behavior to lie in order to gain access to someone. These men could wait until they find a woman who is on the same page but instead they lie to women they should leave alone.

remember memoona in your thoughts today. she was a Pakistani women honor killed by her husband and father in law last week in a village called Kandhkot in Sindh. her murderers still walk free despite a FIR being filed against them.

Button designed by Sylvia Pankhurst for the UK suffragette campaign c. 1911

he has a lot of disturbing posts like this and worst of all: he's married... i feel so sorry for this woman, just imagine all the disgusting things he must do to her

this is the same as saying that in order to avoid being run over by a car, you should never leave your house males are fucking stupid

y’all are telling young women to go make an onlyfans as a joke like onlyfans/sex work doesn’t ruin lives and has gotten women killed

many women just don't want kids and have been coerced into having them by their families and others, so I think to some, the glamorisation of it all could be a way to cope, but the child suffers in the end.

Every woman has a male friend, coworker, acquaintance, or family member who has tried to touch them in unwanted ways, oogled them, taken advantage of their trust, or guilt tripped them, but somehow men never seem to know a single guy who would ever do a thing like that. Not one.