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Jessica William

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i just want to stan donny & kisses in peace.

where oceana meets the sea again

"fluffy pandesal" naalala ko na naman yung fluffy egg na parang donut daw 😭

maukiss besties off cam bye 😭

kirsten but in low quality

i can really feel how genuine their friendship is. i hope it will last for a long time.

I misshuuu na baby sis kong maganda! 😘😍 bar 🍫😂

we never knew we needed this duo 😩 alta queens ✨

"I also love all of you, guys. So much. Every single one of you." He literally just said he loves every single one of his fans. This isn't exclusive to just one group of fans, so will some ppl please stop trying to claim ownership of him? He's human. He's not to be owned.

sorry but feb 21, june 16 & may 10 trained me well 😙

"we haven't talk in a while" (2020) "i haven't talk to her in a whi– a long time" (2021) ano dons i-set up na ba namin kayo? sabihin mo lang

Let's be real, the easiest way to deal w/this is to let go of us pero ayaw nya. He would rather go through the difficult times w/us than not to be w/us. I hope that message reached you. Brace for what's expected to happen. This live is also his signal of the things to come.

Donny's statement on fanwars. He knows.🙂 (1/4) ✨DonKiss Family✨ |

atleast we know that until now he still cares for her, for us.

i can see the sincerity in his eyes. thank you for speaking up . i’m terribly sorry that you had to go through this. please remember that we got you always, in all ways.

congratulations, ! more awesome blessings to come ❤️