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he speaks with the biggest heart and always assures you that you're in this together—whoever you are, wherever you are, there's a jimin from south korea in the city of seoul who understands you. no one deserves him. no one.

remember when jimin..

btw did you all noticed how jungkook is breaking stereotypes...bc people who have piercings and tattoos are always seen as the "bad kid" in the society, but there he is, 24 - pride of s korea speaking and performing in UN, giving interviews with president

21.09.21 | NAVER 3PM Chart 3/5 articles charted today! 📍3 articles in top 30 방탄소년단 정국

21.09.21 | NAVER 3PM CHART — 2 articles in TOP 3 — 5 articles in TOP 10 — 6 articles in TOP 15 — 7 articles in TOP 20

jungkook doing the "just walk the walk" part, the wink?!!

How I love Jungkook’s smiles

😭 do world leaders just stand in line and wait for their turn to take pics with bts 🗣 NEXT!

"and BTS obviously are the greatest artists, the best artists, of our time." said the president moon jae-in himself

The prettiest smile... 😘💕💕💕


210921 🐥🎤으흐으흠~🎵🐰🎤 ~~~~

Watch again the whole intervention by at the General Assembly right here ⬇️ They sent a message of hope for the youth which they called “the welcome generation” not afraid of change.

world leaders clapping for namjoon 😭 IM SO PROUD OF HIM