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Jessica William

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It was a pleasure to interview former Sega Power (UK gaming mag from the 90s) editor Dean Mortlock in this week's . We discuss his new venture (go check out the Kickstarter) as well as those glory days:

🕹 gamer question for the day? 🕹 With it being back to the future day I wanna know which is your favourite back to future game

Anime Girls, Androids, Mad Scientists, and Battle… Golf?? LIVE on Twitch now with a translated Battle Golfer Yui on the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive! (🏌️‍♀️Link is below 👇) You know you’re curious! 😉

podcast did a really good interview with Tommy Tallarico. A few years ago now (it might take a bit of searching through the list!), but still a really good listen.

I'm so excited for PlayExpo Blackpool this weekend! Who else is going? There are still tickets available! Featuring: 🔵Pinball Machines 🔵Arcade Cabinets 🔵Retro Gaming stalls 🔵Famous faces 🔵Blackpool illuminations 🔵Me!

🍄We're LIVE over on Twitch in 30 minutes with 'Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door', my lovelies 🥰. Come say hi and chill with the 1UP Family 💜

Yes! The podcast is 7th in the Italian Apple Podcast Gaming charts! Thank you, to all our lovely listeners!

Listening to it right now. Very cool interview! I always thought that unlicensed NES game development would make for an interesting documentary.

Episode 134 of the power hour is up & we talk: ⁃Switch Online Pricing ⁃NFTs as game currency ⁃Diablo 2’s terrible launch ⁃John Carpenter games ⁃Your Patreon questions and more! YT: 🍎: Spotify:

Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow, Portrait of Ruin, and Order of Ecclesia for Nintendo DS We're fans of SotN, so these were essential to own. Each feels familiar, yet all have their own identity, creating an eclectic mix Castlevania fans, which do you think is BEST in the DS series?

Action 52 is regarded by many as the worst NES games/carts of all time but my, does it have a fascinating story. Learn the truth behind this infamous game with a fun interview with the games main developer; Mario Gonzalez for :

For this week we have Space Master X7 from my Dad's collection. The pac man is one of my toys from the 80s. Have you played this one?

Are you even a sports fan if you don’t own a copy of this super rare stats book?

I've been playing some "If On A Winter's Night, Four Travelers" which is beautiful story rich point and click from It has reminded me how much I love point and click games😍 What's your favourite point and click video game of all time? 🧐

Yep that sounds right, I'll pop it on eBay and 10% of the proceeds will go straight to - how about that?

Spotted and queued for listening guys. And it dropped alongside the latest interview about . So a double treat this week!

💕 We're LIVE over on Twitch tonight at 8PM BST with 'Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door' 🍄. Come say hi 👋

🕹 gamer question for the day? 🕹 Who’s your favourite police/cop from gaming