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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Books for sale! Plus a few gift cards () and some limited custom crochet. One of a kind gifts that don't have to come through the crowded ports.

Yes, Lovecraft is virulently racist. I never recommend him without the caveat. And his racism is at the core of a lot of his stories, where people degenerate through mixing. he did, however create the cosmic horror genre.

A craft I always wanted to try.

Book Sale! Novels and Collections $2. Short stories, 50 cents or 3/$1 Trying to pay for cost overruns on the house

Can I get 211 followers and reach 1800 by Halloween? If we get there, I will do a free short story to celebrate!

Been the Big Bad Kitchen Witch all weekend. Everyone got fed and well

Assistance needed immediately. Home repairs ran $1100 over the loan. Need to raise it in 8 days. Will sell books, read tarot, plan events and take crochet commissions

I will be out in the woods until Sunday. Have a good week. Actually me

John Whaite and Johannes Radebe Paso Doble ✨ BBC Strictly 2021 via

A moral reprobate is rescued from a mental institution in the DisUnited States and trained. Now he has to stop a war from breaking out between 2 of the countries, and to do it, he must become everything he hates, for the man he loves.

Authors on twitter: "Hey, I just met you And this is crazy, But here's my new book So buy it and leave some good reviews on Amazon, goodreads and your blog maybe?"

Early announcement: Contes Cruels is forthcoming. I am doing a last edit on it. Like horror? this has something for everyone, from supernatural enemies to the jilted lover next door. 15 stories. Coming soon.

This reminds me of a fanfic called X Manson, where Charles Xavier goes terribly wrong. I would like to use it as a book cover.

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