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i would probably have both. i wouldn't be surprised to see either left off. but again...i think there's room for em.

it was very controversial. i thought it was deserved, but i got the arguments against it.

. and i went through this yesterday. other than shaq, the last draft class represented in the 50 was '87. from the '88-95 classes, how many guys are locks? shaq, kg (who's been announced) and... which is to say, adding 25 more ppl isn't as easy i thought i'd be.

oh, and bob lanier. another guy who didn't make the 50 who would have a case for the 75.

see, i disagree. it's just the breaks, man. now, the truth is there are very few on the 50 who shouldn't make the 75. but if you're not one of the 75, thems the breaks.

you unwittingly make the point about walton. you went to the "if..." place, which really got him on the 50. the top of the resumé is wildly impressive. and nothing, really, after year 4. i don't place that much weight on '86 for him.

add sidney moncrief to the list of guys who didn't make the 50 but probably should be on the 75.

bill walton making the top 50...smh. i get why he did, but that was incredibly kind of the voters.

i'm a touch reluctant to recommend a book i haven't read...but read jay's book. i'm gonna get to it soon. his ideas on these matters are both compelling and digestible.

new with ! we talk about ben simmons, the nfl and the guy with a really unfortunate name! YouTube: Apple: Spotify:

i can only attribute it to one thing: playing in utah. it's the only way it makes any sense.

adrian dantley also has a strong case. his advanced numbers banged, too.

seven all-star games, three scoring titles, two did mcadoo not make the 50? i ask that seriously. i'm not sure what i'm missing other than people thought he was selfish.

i'm interested in that, but also guys who were eligible for the 50 who will make the 75. two guys, to me, with obvious cases who fit that criteria: nique and bob mcadoo.

this is like when the election coverage tells us that south carolina has gone red one second after the polls closed.

and i'm lookign forward to getting into this one

they rode for simmons all year and, in the rawest moment, let a *little* truth slip out...and you're saying, after five months, simmons shouldn't have gotten over it? i can only assume you, too, are a sucker.