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Jessica William

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England BEAT Latvia 20-0. They had four different players score hat tricks 🤯

Alexia Putellas presents her Ballon d'Or to the fans before Spain's World Cup qualifying match 💫 (via )

The opening ceremony of the FIFA Arab Cup was special 🤩

Barcelona are the first club to: ▪️ Win both the men’s and women’s Champions League ▪️ Win the treble in both men’s and women’s football ▪️ Have both men’s and women’s Ballon d’Or winners ✨

Seven golden goats at the Eiffel Tower for Messi's seventh Ballon d'Or 🐐 (via )

The way he teed it up for himself 🤯 (via )

Dortmund welcome Gio Reyna back in training after the midfielder had been injured since September 👏 (via )

The touch to bring the ball down. The casual chip. Unreal 👌 (via )

Simon Kjaer started the CPR process that helped save Christian Eriksen’s life when he suffered cardiac arrest. The Denmark captain received a huge applause at the Ballon d’Or ❤️ (via )

Saturday: Scores 24 seconds in vs. Australia Tuesday: Scores 4 minutes in vs. Australia Two goals in two starts. Ashley Hatch does it again for USWNT 💨 (via )

Lionel Messi finished with 33 more points than Robert Lewandowski for the men's Ballon d'Or 📩

Lionel Messi is atop the men's Ballon d'Or podium ✨

Leo Messi shares a moment with Luis Suarez after winning his 7th Ballon d'Or 🤗

Messi literally lit up the Eiffel Tower 🇫🇷 (via )

2009 2010 2011 2012 2015 2019 2021 Another one.

For all the goals and all the trophies—2020 will always be Robert Lewandowski's year 👏

Carried a struggling Barca on his back. Took Argentina to their first major title in 28 years. Messi deserved this Ballon d'Or 👑

Ballon d'Or number 7 for Leo Messi. Time for a wish 🐉✨