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The pain of being disturbed by someone while you masturbating so nicely and peacefully A thread😂😂😂

It was a Saturday and i was home i decided to go to my friend who used to have a laptop back then. I wanted him to load some movies in my usb so i will keep myself busy wiyh them.

I told him to load action movies for me and some comical movies too. He said: ay ntwana do it for yourself i don't know what you like angfuni ungi blame if they are boring

I did it for myself then and my friend was just sitting there on his bed. I loaded boma mission impossible, assassins and e.t.c I then loaded American pie from 1-5 He said it a comedy movie I then saw an unknown file and i opened it there was a file inside it written school😂

When i opened it yoh...there was too much porn inside 🍆🍑. I didn't tell him i just loaded it for myself and went to clear recent activities phela i didn't want my friend to know

I then told my friend sengyahamba i will see him later i am home alone kmele ngi cleaner before parents comes back Porn was allover my mind now and it been so long without 🍆🍑tlof phela angsana ntombi in my hood since sengifunda varsity nghlala khona and i am home for holidays

When i got home i forgot to lock the door i just went straight to the dinning room and opened the tv. I put my usb and checked if all the movies that i loaded are playing

I tried to ignore the thought of watching porn first but it kept on playing on my mind I couldn't resist it phela nami ngayivula 😂😂😂

I had to choose the best scene for me to do masturbation 😂😂 I farst forwarded until i found it

I heard it rasing slowly and slowly until it was fully erectile 🍆😂

I ran farst to my bedroom for lotion so i will lubricate my hands for frictionless movements 😎

Kanti lil brother came back from school and got inside the house while i was still in my bedroom for lotion.

I just sat down on the sofa and did my thing while watching the tv. That time i took pants off totally I was about to cum when i heard lil bro talking behind my back😭😭😭

It was to late to hold my horses. So i just cum. He said: buti yin le ephumayo ngathi ubisi la kugwayi wakho😭😭😭

Later that day when the parents were back. He kept on giving me that look and asking ukuthi asho yini I said: yey 😠 i promised to give him R10 so he will go buy his favorite sweets.

While we were all eating dinner this lil devil kept on holding his dick and mom noticed and asked ukuthi wenzani😭 He just said: i saw ubuti emini eyenza njena kwaphuma ibisi😭😭😭😭

Mom beat the hell out of me and said: uzoyenza izinto zasathane emzini wami you doti🚮 Dad was just watching

Dad came to me on my room and said: mfanami ungaphinde ube careless. Yenze lento but endlini yakho futhi ungabanjwa nextime😏 mom wakho uthi ngikushaye nami so ngzothi sixoxile

Everytime i did something wrong mom says: angisho ile ndlwabu eniyenzayo ikuvala umqondo doti🚮

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