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All BTS entries on top 10 on: - Billboard Hot100 - Billboard Global 200 - Billboard Global Excluding United States An on going thread :)

[Did you remember?] Year 2017, Mnet deleted more than 1M of votes from BTS categories during 2017 MAMA voting & accused ARMYs as a bot. Despite of that, ARMYs still continue to mass vote day by day. Be ready for 2021 MAMA, create your accounts now!

No matter how many times BTS say "please trust us, please trust us a little more." Solos will always believe what fits their narratives. I just want their mass extinctions so we can finally have total peace in our fandom.

[🗳️] Votem em "My Universe" dos Coldplay e dos BTS no TNT da rádio comercial! Para votar selecionem My Universe + 2 outras músicas à vossa escolha. OBS: Atenção aos resultados da semana, evitem votar em músicas que já estão no top 10 para que MU possa entrar mais facilmente!

The admin of this account is literally a solo stan why are so many Armys following??

This is a public health crisis, I simply do not care what happens to people who think this is solely about them

Friends is a song Jimin wrote for Tae aka VMin subunit song! Tae knows Friends is in Marvel Movies! Remind me if I am wrong, but didn't solos harass that Rolling Stones writer because he asked Jimin about "Friends" instead of "Filter" which he didn't produce? 🤔💜

a YEAR?? already??? wait let me go get that Joon video

How can you not see that this is none of our business. If he would want to be informed about such things HE CAN TELL HIS AGENCY HIMSELF! You are not his manager, lawyer or his mom! Just why do ya'll make an issue out of EVERYTHING, it's so annoying.

It has everything to do about the artist having the right to control his image & content (of which licensing, credits, &fees are part of). You're OK with people profiting off his image, but you're not OK with a label he signed with to act as his representative doing its job.

kpoppies get mad when we say “bts paved the way” but its true. without bts, kpop would not have any foundation in the western industry. you ask locals about kpop and they say “bts”. and not to mention how bts are the only act constantly claiming the charts… the truth hurts.

OMG ya´ll are so fcking dumb!!! He has staff to deal with such things you m0r0n! Is he supposed to that himself too? Do you know how much work this is? He is getting his coins so what´s the problem? Ya´ll just WANT him mistreated soooo bad aren´t ya? Do you get off on that?

Once again , , please PLEASE broadcast the LA concert live 🙏🏽. Take all my money but just show me the tannies reuniting with army 😭

K-ARMY OP is saying: I-Lovelies don't be sad We'll also understand (everything) by watch (the live) again with (Korean) subtitles ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ it's not just us I-ARMYs our boys are fast 😆😭

jungkook showing us how to jump in an apartment, during PTD on stage, without making too much noise

Link for each category, Best Pop 📍 Best Kpop 📍 Biggest Fans & Best Group voting will be announced soon.

This is unlimited voting. Vote here: Ends: November 11th, 8am (KST) Biggest Fans and Best Group voting will be announced soon.