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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

art in the purest form, so proud of you

"i think dance is another language for me" — hwang hyunjin

💌 9.47AM It hasn’t even been a while but I think I’ve watched it like 1000 times

🔥마피아 현진🔥 다섯 글자로 아오먼을 찢고 간 10월의 아티스트! 지금 바로 스튜디오 춤에서 만나보세요🖤 ▶

[SKZ-BEHIND📸] 10월의 아티스트 현진이 준비한 최고의 퍼포먼스❣ 비하인드 사진도 바로 공개합니다🙈😉

💌 12.39AM Making a peτiτion to sue Mr. HyunJin

💌 12.29AM I was gonna go sleep peacefully after seeing SeungPup But now I’m not gonna be able to sleep for the next few days because of Mr. HyunJin ㅡㅡ

even a simple text message, a short visit to their house or a warm hug means so much to someone struggling. it can help them a lot — it can even save their life. so be your own Hyejin/Gamri and let your loved ones feel that they’re not alone ♥️

Gamri thank you for taking care of Dusik, for saving his life, helping him to move on and for always being there for him. It is symbolic but she died when she can be at peace now knowing that Dusik has a shoulder to cry on and a life to be happy with😭❤

211016 ✦ 🎙🥟 11:08PM hyunjin sent a voice message !! “don’t expect too much i’m nervous too uhh i still haven’t seen it too i’m so nervous”

211016 ✦ 💭🥟 10:56PM : 34 minutes left..! : 11:30🔥

omg squid game theme today!!

Lee know in squid game

211015 music blood scars stage