Jessica William

Graphic Designer

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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

How lucky did I get this evening? I love seeing the Hare roaming the fields. I was blessed that this one didn't hear me coming. He moved off just after I took the shot. Someone was looking down on me. Hope you had a great day. 📸

Wishing you a happy Friday 🌾🌾💗

Be As A Flower Stay Grounded And Aim For The Sky 🌼

Hold me like the sky That keeps the stars From falling

And if your arm will bend toward my angled elbow to chaperone my loneliness, I’ll confess that my eyes have failed me, that I just can't see. That my pores seek warmth from a dying ember before the silence. That I can’t read smoke signals on cloudy nights but I do feel the tide.

our words wrapped around each other strung between us like an ephemeral bond we foster time and again beguiled and besotted sometimes our words traverse this bridge in lunar splendor cavorting creating fireworks

“Will you rise up, or give up? Will you grow, or let it go?” ~ Maxime Lagacé

Hazy morning in the woodland. Rust and gray palette.

John Constable - Wivenhoe Park, Essex, 1816

Anyway, Life Is Good.

~ I touch the night with the word, I open stars to drink its mystery and embrace yr steps to me Touched your shadow with my soul, raise my blood to the stars, Took you immersed in my words, Arouse my soul to caress my mind in the depths of your ocean~

Storied runes of the long-suffering scrawled crossways along the stars, we, students of self-examination, curious of the cosmos and all of its coveted complexities, gazing aloft to the twinkling of celestial beacons, longing a sense of propriety, to our purpose.

Good morning Twitter world. Have a great day everyone🤗❤️💚❤️

📸 "The colour red always makes my day ~ especially against the backdrop of grey." (Short extract from a poem written ✍️ by ©️ Lynn Chateau. Photo taken by Stan of rose hips that have been eaten by birds.)

Yesterday’s Fall walking route 🍁

allow me this one moment to trace you incomplete your outline, a silhouette is all I want and need i hope my heart will fit in the void you left behind and blend you with my soul so forever intertwined