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Jessica William

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I jump up and scream Xavier: broo wth Me: wtf are you doing in my place Xavier: you let me in nigga Me: why are we naked Xavier: shii Me: THIS CANT BE HAPPENING Xavier: shut up my head is banging Me: GET YO SHIT AND GO

Xavier: bro whatever He got up and I was watching him put his clothes on as his dick was slinging around it turn me on but I pushed those feelings down he grab all his shit and left I took a shower brushed my teeth and put on *pic*

I text the group chat Me: y’all let me sleep with him Chloe: we was all drunk and high Me: fuck y’all Leah: awww she angry Me: SHUT UP!!! 😡 Nova: rawrr 🦖 Chloe: 🤣🤣🤣!! Me: y’all so annoying

I upload to my social medias and drove to the mall as I was walking around a fan came up to me and he looked older like 30-40 Man: you Nora right Me: yeahhh Man: I follow you can I get your number Me: umm I don’t give my number out

Man: come on give me a chance Me: I’m good Thankyou tho Man: mane just give it to me Me: I said I’m good I tried to walk away but then he grabbed my arm I kept trying pull away but he would tighten his grip he started pulling me while walking I started screaming

But people just looked at me crazy he pulled me into the parking lot and tried to touch me when I tried to fight him off me he hit me hard and I started crying then Xavier showed up with his 3 friends

Xavier: what’s going on over here Man: get on she just being dramatic Xavier: I think you should leave him alone Man: this my gf get on Xavier: I said I think you should leave All 4 of them raised they shirt up and they had guns he let go and walked away

Xavier hugged me and I cried in his friends Xavier: it’s okay I kept crying then his friends walked off and he walked me to my car Xavier: you okay to drive home Me: no Xavier: lemme get your phone so I can call your friends I gave him my phone and he

Called the group chat Xavier: yo Leah: Heyy ouu- Xavier: your friend almost got kidnapped and she scared to drive home y’all need to get her Leah: we all the way across town stuck in traffic can y’all wait ? it’s going take 2 hours Xavier: I will drive ha home

Leah: Ight He hung up and asked for my keys I gave them to him and we got in my car and he drove to my apartment I looked out the window while he drives then he touch my leg and starts rubbing it we get to my apartment and he walk me in

Xavier: I will call my home boys to pick me Me: no….I mean can you stay Xavier: you sure Me: yes I let him in my place and I cuddle with Him on my couch

Next thing Ik I Leah Chloe and Nova walk in Chloe: you okay Leah: I’m sorry we wasn’t there for you Me: it’s okay Xavier phone started ringing and he picked it the hung up Xavier: I got to go Me: okay He left and idk how he got home but ig he did

Leah: u sure u fine Me: yessss Nova: so you and Xavier Me: stoppp I was just scared to be alone Leah: mmhmm Chloe: it’s okay if u want him Nova: his friends fine too Me: i don’t know what he do for a living or who he is personally

Chloe: mmhmm u want some of that dark chocolate Me: shut up They sat down with me and watched a movie then I got call from a unknown number Me: hello Xavier: hey Me: how u get my number Xavier: I had Keshawn ask Leah Me: mhmnm Leah: sorry Nova: we going go

Call if u need anything Me: bye luv y’all Chloe: luv u too They gave me a hug and left I look the door and laid down in my bed

Me: you not going give up are you Xavier: nope Me: oh Lordy Xavier: lemme take you on a date and if u don’t like it I will leave you alone Me: deal What time Xavier: at 8 Me: bet imma get dressed now

I hung up and got up and took a shower brushed my teeth washed my face and put on *pic*

I fix my hair like *pic*

I take my pictures and post them I call the group chat Me: im going on a date with Xavier y’all Leah: OUUUUUU Nova: I knew you would Me: he going be here soon what should I say Nova: just be yourself

Chloe: let him do most the talking Leah: no no ask him questions about his life Me: ouuu bet bet I hear a knock at the door Me: he here Nova: good luck

I grab my purse and keys and go the door and he was standing there looking at me up and down Xavier: you ready to go Me: yeah I walked out shut and locked my door then we left we on the way to a restaurant and I’m making small talk

Xavier: so what you do for a living Me: social media influencer and YouTube and when I’m bored or need the extra money I do people nails

Xavier: that’s tuff fasho Me: so what do u do Xavier: um…..I sell stuff Me: like what stuff Xavier: nun special plants Yk Me: ouuu okay

We pull up to a restaurant and he open my door for me and we walk in and they set us the waitress come out and he looking at my boobs

Xavier: keep yo eyes off my girl Waitress: I’m sorry what can I start yall off with Me: red wine Xavier: spirt Waitress: coming right up The waitress walked away and I kicked Xavier

Xavier: what was that for Me: for saying I’m your girl Xavier: I just don’t want mfs looking at what’s soon to be mine Me: mmhmm

Ff- our drinks come out then we order our food and start asking each other questions our food come we eat and he pay and we leave as we in a parking lot a man come up to him

Man; yooo Xavier Xavier: Wsp mane Man: you got that powder Xavier: This ain’t the time man Man: mmcht mane come on I haven’t had any in 2 weeks

Xavier: not the time gang ma get in the car I get in the car and I’m waiting on him the gun shots are fired I duck down and he run and get in a car