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Jessica William

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[YouTube] 211022 NME JAY B on Jason Mraz, D'Angelo & his first ever gig | Firsts

[YouTube] 211022 JAY B's Solo Global Fanmeeting behind the scenes special video teaser

AAA 남자 솔로가수 부문 💙JAY B💙1️⃣RET 인기상 🗓2차 예선 ~10/28 23:59PM(KST) ✔️부문 내 상위 20위 본선 진출 🗳 2️⃣U+ 아이돌Live 인기상 🗓1차 투표 ~11/5 23:59 PM(KST) ✔️1계정당 1일 1회 투표 가능 🗳

[AAA IDOLLIVE] Another voting for JAYB! Current rank: 13th Place with 70 Votes Log in with your SNS accounts and vote for him once a day!

🎁최애돌 서포트 개설 투표🎁 12월 1일부터 15일까지의 기념일 중 응원하고 싶은 아이돌 기념일을 알려주세요 가장 많은 표를 얻은 아이돌에게 서포트 개설+99개 다이아를 드립니다:) 🔸서포트 구경하기

Yuhuyy! Finally you can watch full interview from and on Youtube Channel “Mustang 88 FM”. Don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe! VALID! NO DEBAT! *asiiik! Happy watching!!

[Instagram] 211021 g1ngerhere "🥲🤍…. Feeling touched.. *cries* ㅠㅠ" message from JAY B: to. g1nger noona!! “Into You” came out well thanks to you! Your vocal tone is awesome! Let’s work together again next time!

뱀뱀🐍아...사랑해🌴💚ㅣ뽐디의 벌칙수행🔥뱀뱀 전화연결ㅣJAY B의 R&BㅣSTATION ZㅣKBS 211020 방송

[STATS] 211021 Def. Spotify Followers: 17,084 Monthly listeners: 10,372 Follow and share! + Is It A Dream has surpassed 54K streams! Can we hit 100K this week? 👀🔥.

[Instagram] 211021 stationz89.1 “➕ (before the punishment) If I had to call Yugyeom, he would go “I love you too” but it just had to be BamBam 😮‍💨

[Instagram] 211021 stationz89.1 “[] Bbomdi’s punishment for losing the game..★ Call BamBam and say I love you 💚☑️ Full version is on KBS CoolFM YouTube

[Instagram] 211021 stationz89.1 “3️⃣4️⃣ Got team leader Bbom’s approval today too🥕

[Instagram] 211021 stationz89.1 “2️⃣ Cam reveal of the audio playback scene” 🌴: I only used formality once! 👤:No you used it twice 🌴: apparently there’s video evidence *clip of him using formal Yes* 🌴: no wait no that’s-

[Instagram] 211021 stationz89.1 “[] JAY B’s R&B’s seventh record 1️⃣ Turning into whining mode because he feels wronged no mater how much he thinks about it’s C U T E “No but in games, there should be a cool time!”

[Instagram] 211021 stationz89.1 “6️⃣ (Registering the messages/replies) "Done!" CUTE” 3/4