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Jessica William

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Watch 's rescue dogs go from frenemies to family 😍

Guys use their teeth to cut birds free from kite string πŸ’š

β€œYou could literally see the color rush back to her gums and the life into her eyes” ❀️

Baby seal throws cutest temper tantrum after he's rescued ❀️

Pittie gets rescued from the shelter and starts hugging every single person he meets ❀️ Check out Animal Rescue Mission's website, to see out how you can help other precious fur babies.

Woman sees abandoned puppies every day, so she fills her car up with them and finds them families ❀️

120-pound dog lets tiny kittens nurse on him β€” and when he's done babysitting, he always flops into his favorite hammock for a nap

Stray cat leads woman to her newborn kittens in the rain πŸ’—

Guy saves a wild parrot tangled in a net β€” and gives him a sip of water and tomato before he flies home πŸ…πŸ’—

All they need for the best Halloween ever with their BFF 🧑

Pittie steals his mom’s pillows every day β€” watch how it helps him get over his biggest fear πŸ’™

Family finds a baby deer trapped in the water β€” and once they dry him off, realize that his mom is waiting anxiously to get him back ❀️

How hard could it be to drive 20 rescue dogs to the groomer’s?

This rescue dog hid in the bathroom for 12 days β€” when she finally came out she had an amazing surprise πŸ’•

40-year-old wild dolphin has been best friends with his favorite dog for almost a decade β€” watch him introduce his tiny baby dolphin to him too πŸ˜πŸ’™

This tiny, three-day-old rescue pittie needed to be bottle-fed 24/7 β€” watch open her eyes for the first time and start bossing around her huge pittie brothers 😍

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People couldn't even tell this golden retriever's breed when he was found chained up in a tunnel β€” but now he's the fluffiest, goofiest boy who leaps into the pool all day πŸ’›

Pregnant mama dog has her 9 babies underneath a van β€” watch them terrorize their foster parents' house 😍

Pit bull won't leave his tiny rescue kitten for one second β€” and he's the first one to know when the kitten gets sick πŸ’—