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Bill Gates

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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

billzo as ferrets a 🧵 :D

i’m in the mood to autism truth c!clingyduo

“NOOO THE CCS HAVE ONLY TALKED ONCE!!” tommy has spoken with bill and aimsey before that’s not a one time thing

so little time*

if you still support jikishi please block me . /srs

what the hell 452 followers why am i growing this gives me to time to check carrds and follow people back D:

// grooming after tonight i thought it was important to share some resources where people can hopefully understand the signs which could help someone and seek help if they need, this is a link to childline which has support for people in the uk

i’m posting this here. this is billzo and ranboo going to america


// grooming , Jikishii im so fucking upset rn but when will people stop saying "i knew i had a bad feeling" or "im not surprised" because its so fucking insensitive towards the victims do y'all not realise that

anddd they saw it alrigjt got a aimsey notice this is crazy

one of the admins for @/cricketwtupdate here, us having a jojo siwa moot is not how i wanted this cc notice to go

THE CRICKET CREW!! Retweets appreciated! -

i relate to this

my experience with jikishii / demetrius. Read:

don’t ask how they got their name… [ ] rts appreciated !!!

“what is tubbo on?!??” i’m sorry tl this is normal i wish i was kidding

i cant wait for those pictures to get posted lmao

i mean i’d do the same if someone did that at a sleepover wdym you guys wouldn’t? 🙁