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Jessica William

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Pretending your fundraising spam comes from Kamala’s husband is an interesting choice. Before becoming a nepotism hire for the Biden admin, Emhoff’s law firm represented Big Pharma, arms dealers, Walmart, and the pyramid scheme Herbalife that Kamala refused to prosecute as AG.

Watch Biden’s ambassador nominee Rahm Emanuel lie about his cover-up of cops shooting a black teen in the back 16 times. To promote Rahm today, on the 7th anniversary of Laquan McDonald’s death, is an disgraceful insult to victims of police violence.

If only the population that had been made aware of the urgency, importance, not lied to by big business & congress was not giving out preferential tax cuts, subsidies to all the wrong people for fifty years, we would hv been light years ahead and likely not facing extinction.

How could anyone in govt believe in science and not be going completely apeshit on their stupid greedy fucking colleagues knowing the shitstorm of suffering and death coming?

Sage-Grouse bird, famous for its amazing courtship displays. A male can swallow and hold a gallon of air in the esophagus which is squeezed out for display.

Let's see which admirable companies have signed up as so-called Principal Partners. Well, there's Nat West Group who made real progress in the fight against climate change by pumping more than US$13billion into the fossil fuel sector between 2016 and 2020..

The Arctic may no longer be the refuge it once was for migrating animals. Upon reaching their destination, many animals are likely starving, being hunted or dying of disease at much higher rates than before.

Remember at all times that any tech company that censors news and communications for an authoritarian regime elsewhere would happily do it for an authoritarian regime here.

Had a good ol’ time talking with my buddy about the ideas running underneath rising authoritarianism, the crumbling economy, and a whole mess of other things.

Instead of canceling your debt as promised, Biden is paying Navient $391,000,000 of your tax dollars to harass you for payments. Navient donated to Biden’s campaign.

You go from talking about making public universities free to promising community college to absolutely nothing. You cannot keep negotiating yourselves down. After DECADES of this you’d think somebody, anybody, would figure this out.

Tiny does not like this flavour of Medicine! Please bring the Cricket-Flavoured One next time!

Voigt is worried you have forgotten it is Dinner Night! She will just sit Right Here until you remember!

It is October and Barry has decided it is TIME TO BOK!