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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

First successful inter-chain asset transfer on using the new XCM format/standard/protocol. Left is one parachain, right two windows are the other (index 300).

THREAD - Digest 19 Oct 2021 News Videos of Sub0 Online 2021 (hosted by yours truly) are now online. Day 1:

Quite possibly the first tightly-coupled cross-chain token application between parachains.

The treasury currently has 18,936,300 DOT (DOT, not USD - do the math) in it ready to spend on *your* ideas for building, improving, educating and indeed, anything else that the Polkadot governance believes valuable.

The Substrate Developer Hub [] and just merged and got a complete revamp. is now your one stop shop for all things tech, dev, vision, and ecosystem related.

Who doesn’t love gifts?! Sending DOT or KSM to friends & family just got easier than ever🚀 With Polkadot & Gifts you can send gifts to anyone, regardless of their blockchain knowledge, or if they don't have an address yet. Eager to try?

Unlike L2 rollups, which require long fraud periods before settlement because being included on-chain is irreversible, and avoid bad parachain blocks at the consensus & finality layer, not at the smart-contract layer: fast settlement

Whereas other chains take months or even years to deploy an upgrade, and created, voted and deployed new logic on to the chain within 8 hours. All going through a secure, stakeholder-governed decentralized process.

Want to build the future of and ? Parity is seeking out the world's best developers, marketing & comms specialists. To learn more and to apply:

Multiple centralized services such as and are down right now. Decentralization can help to prevent this, by not having a single point of system failure. aims to have lots of validators supporting our blockchain, preventing downtimes like this.

Kudos to for giving us a very real demonstration of why the move to a decentralised Web 3 is necessary and, indeed, inevitable.

Don't pay attention to "authorities" think for yourself.

Some great work by team RMRK integrating 's Statemine Uniques pallet. Looking forward to the next-generation of Singular.

My new favourite track La Clé Des Champs, by my new favourite DJ NTO:

Part III of my series on 's XCM is out (this time on execution and error management).

Welcome to the cₕₐₒₛ ! After winning the 9th parachain auction, Altair is now being onboarded as my 10th parachain [9-auction winning parachains, plus ]. Over 11.2K network stakeholders locked up KSM in favor!

👀👀Shannon - CTO & Gardi - Partnership will be sharing about what Metaverse is and how it works with unique features powered by

Moonriver one of several chains helping and demonstrate the power of an L0 multi-chain meta-protocol.

Congratulations to and 's very own Qinwen for her inclusion in the China Forbes 30 under 30 for Fashion and Arts: - Well deserved 👏

We just published “The League of Parachains: Polkadot”, a report on the technical and philosophical foundations of .

1/ One of the biggest Substrate developer experience improvement PR is just merged, closed an issue raised almost 3 years ago: