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honestly i hate this sport lol you literally cannot even participate unless you have AT LEAST 2k to blow on tack, i’ve been saving for months and i can only afford about 800 for a new saddle so i guess i can’t ride

candle recommendation time!! I love these candles soo much. they have such a long burn time, they smell INCREDIBLE and are fun to touch cus they are gel !!!!

officially registered for the hunter pace!! going to be going with an older lady who doesnt jump so duncan and i will be taking it easily thankfully !! tho im hoping she'll be able to record me over a jump or two, just like small logs lol

also rode sage today :) she was so fun and i actually found my distances? and didnt fall on her neck!?!? tho she likes to speed off after jumps lol

the only thing im worried about for the pace is not like cantering, galloping, anything.. just putting on duncans bridle..

gahh im so pumped for the hunter pace! im hoping it goes well and duncan gains more confidence n shit over jumps cus he doesnt love the ring a whole bunch but loves cantering out on the trails (we usually get like a 10x better canter out in the fields lol)

smartpak coolers? yes? no? maybe so?

alrighty so its official and everythings good UNLESS this lady doesnt have trailering for me but im pretty sure she does cus the girl tagged me in the comment lol

Ughhhh.. the shit is due tomorrow and nothing is planned yet /: we might not be able to make it uth

tw lol i feel like im gonna relapse i want to o bad ughh i have such a good life why do i feel like this?? i mjjust so empty lol

not the proudest of my jumping but oh well lol

not sure if i posted this but look at how nice this canter was!! the trot after it was soooo pretty too

cringey ass outfit for the hunter pace.. i wanted to match with duncan lol

this is bennn, hes so cute and his canter literally feels like im not riding a horse its great

when people compliment my leg <33 ive always struggled with it so yknow its nice to hear

so duncan doesn't love the arena... future cross country pony maybe 😩

rode a chunky, retired show jumper, old warmblood of some sort today, easily one of the best horses ive ridden, his canter was SO fluid it felt like i wasnt even riding a horse

i wanna get a breastplate for duncan so bad but i am: broke

seeing holly lehan (idk how to spell her last name) already doing small courses with her ottb makes me feel like duncan and i should already be doing courses LOL

so gonna try this bit out on duncan, he has a french link snaffle in rn and he doesnt mind it and i think he likes the mouth piece but we have some trouble turning so i wanna try the full cheek, along with the rubber cus his currrent on is just metal