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Jessica William

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Posted 11:43pm: Ky talking to the cameras. He says he cant imagine Xavier, he wants to take care of his nephew, he wont raise his nephew to be a coward. He wont want his nephew to see him take the easy way (cutting Ky). Ky says I respect the game, no easy way to the end

Posted 11:01pm: Xavier talking to the camera, I am starting to not trust BIg D to do what needs to be done. I am considering taking Azah off the block. I do not trust you (Big D)anymore. Xavier pacing around the HOH bed thinking

Chuck's egg making was the highlight of the ep now that I've read reactions to it 😭😭😭

Toby ain’t have to step like this. OK!

Xavier- Julie will be like "Derek, please go to the front of the room and cast the sole vote to evict". Derek- Is there a speech that goes along with this? Xavier- Usually there is

Could you imagine DF on The Challenge?!? πŸ’€πŸ˜­πŸ’€

You look away for one minute 😩

There's more than one of those things. They make Alpha look like a pussycat.

Clothing optional lot 😭😭😭

Derek to Xavier- I have been there for him (Ky) since the beginning. Now you feel like cause you did more work than Azah, you should be here. Mother fucker, me and X did a bunch of work

Xavier- Bringing her, I am taking more of a risk so I need to know that you can beat her. Derek- I can beat her. I dont want to take him. He is just too entitled

The socks have a cape

Xavier to Kyland- I'm probably going to be meeting with everyone today at some point. I'm saving you for last. Azah I'm going to meet with to be like "he did use the veto on me, so I have to consider all things". Big D I want to be like "you're good, right?"

The HGs are reacting to Ky's glasses. He loves receiving compliments so he is very happy rn

Df: He just said I put in a lot of work.. Az: So did Tiffany. Tiffany put in a lot of work. So did Hannah

If I came home from the big brother house to find that my friends listed β€œrunning out of cigarettes, cleaning the house, and walking across a balance beam” as my game moves I would simply pass away