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Jessica William

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Retweet if you believe Jen Psaki is doing a magnificent job as W.H. Press Secretary!

We just won an injunction against the Texas abortion ban! Proud to lead an effort of AGs in support of the DOJ's challenge of SB8. Our hearts are with patients who have been forced into pregnancy or to travel for care & the providers who worked courageously to help them. Onward.

We will fight like hell to defend abortion rights in America. From Texas to Mississippi to South Carolina—I stand with abortion providers, patients, and advocates. This is an attack on democracy, and we won't stop until all people can access the care they need.

Rest in Peace Sarah Everard. May heaven be the safe place where you walk freely and without fear, as you should have been able to do down here.

Exciting news! and Executive Director Tre'Andre Valentine will be speaking at Saturday's Rally to Defend Abortion. RSVP NOW!

Every single day I wait for a sign that there is hope to have my life back. Please support victims children by setting a new trial date David Elliott #

Today Danny Tim O Sullivan will herd a flock of sheep across London Bridge. Half of Kerry is gone over for it. This will go down in folklore!

We love a good boy with a strong handshake 🤝

Opioid overdoses continue across our state, hitting Black families particularly hard. For , we want people to know that recovery is possible. Share these resources to help Massachusetts residents heal and move towards recovery. 👇

This is great news! With and leading the charge at the Department of Energy, our country is in very good hands. Congratulations Rep. Robinson!

Letting thousands of people of color, low-income residents, renters, military service members, and young people register to vote isn’t complex—it’s commonsense. And we should be working to ensure everyone can be heard at the polls.

TODAY: I am filing an amicus brief to defend access to abortion for Texans and people across the country. Texas is deputizing vigilantes to force people into pregnancy. 24 AGs will not stand by while extremist politicians trample on the Constitution and basic human rights.

Do you live in Boston, Brockton, Framingham, Gloucester, Haverhill, Lynn, Malden (Ward 8), Medford, Newton, Peabody, Quincy, Revere (Wards 3 & 5), Salem, Somerville or Worcester (Districts 1 & 5)? If so, you have an election tomorrow! Make a plan at !

COVID-19 has made clear that we cannot go back to the way things were – and I know that labor has the people power and the vision to help us build our new normal.

Had so much fun at the Labor Day Rally today celebrating the contributions of Massachusetts workers and unions!

No one should go hungry in America. This change ensures that food benefits better meet the need, which has the power to transform our communities—helping kids perform better in school, preventing health issues, and lifting enormous burdens off of families.

Did you know that Massachusetts is one of the few states to limit how often debt collectors can hassle people for payment? We found that Avant violated this cap and failed to validate debts when borrowers fell behind. It will pay $1.6 million.

A good explanation of how the billionaire Sackler family exploited our bankruptcy system, complete with their Oxycontin-themed cover of "Shout." We need federal legislation to end this abuse. Thank you for your dogged coverage. 👇