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Jessica William

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I love GongJun. I love him through himself but not someone else. I love his past experiences before he became famous. I truly respect him as an actor and as an individual. I believe in him 100% no matter what. I will always support him till forever.

Wait...this is so LingRui??? ©️ ·再一次初恋·(cr✅)

Step on me GongJun😭

I’m gonna make a plan for his birthday. There are so many things I want to do on 11/29😭

I almost dropped my phone when he looked up.

I have never been this desperate to watch a show in my life🥲©️ ciciM0801 ©️ 休戚与·龚俊

91 days since opening. From the hot summer to the late autumn. We are so honored to witness your hard work and all achievements💙©️ 满月plenilune·龚俊· ©️ 墨客_龚俊

He does have the most beautiful hands in the world.

I hate to admit it but I'm jealous of Yangyang.

I love him wearing this coat😭

I really must get one of these. ©️ 温酒与俊说(cr✅)

I think he made it clear enough.

just 👍 a post on Douyin. ‘Don’t make up stories in your mind.’ 😋😋

Breathtaking. ©️ 拾取碎片

I would love to see play a character requiring him to wear glasses🥲

C-JWX are talking about the official gesture of the fandom he approved during the livestream on 18/04/13.

I beg you all to watch this LuWeixun. ©️ 沐夏七月·(cr✅)

This is the result when you search on Bilibili. Top visual recognized by general public👍

My friend in China sent me this when she went shopping today😭 My baby is everywhere‼️