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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Pirates baseball tonight… FedEx Ground Crew, Pierogi Race, Sportsball, and a pretzel

Hey Twitterers, I’ve been posting on Instagram pics of minis that I’ve painted. Theyremini figures from fantasy and sci fi. I also post a bit of flavor text with them. Follow me there. Thanks…

I started an Instagram account to feature my painting of table top RPG minis. Go over here to check it out…

Please spread this very-easy-to-understand message so ppl will vaccinate

I just did battle with a kaiju. I’m not sure which eldritch horror spawned it but should the beast’s mother come, I’m ready for her… but for real, does anyone know what kind of beetle this is (assuming it is a beetle)?

Ready to dive into your deepest, darkest, psychological fears with American Horror Stories? 🖤 this Tweet if you dare – and we’ll haunt you back with weekly reminders when new episodes are available. premieres on July 15, exclusively .

“If you tell me you're going to release the kraken, show me the freaking kraken for crying out loud….And don't tell me to go to Mr. Pillow man's website...."

Please watch all of this — and then pass it on if you feel it…

🚨🚨🚨 ALERT 🚨🚨🚨. We’re giving away a copy of the Season 1 . To enter, retweet this and reply with your favorite moment. That’s it! Winner will be announced 5/27.

Tempted to start dubbing old scenes from C.O.P.S. with dialogue from THE WIRE.

now that people know who both thanos and darkseid are, it’s time to bring back the greatest parody comic of all time

I’m all day every day! I can’t wait to see . Which team are you on? Click below to choose your side and get a reminder to get your tickets on March 30 to see in theaters March 31!

March Madness 80’s and 90’s Kids Show THEME SONG Tournament! Round 1: Non-Animated Division (Retweet for Bigger Sample) (Songs below)

I really don't think we need Cthulhu's tomb in the middle of Manhattan but IDK...

Holy crap 1st eureka moment for me in 2021 (I reaaaally need my coffee)

Oh, and amusingly enough after all my talk of cheesy fan mom just texted me that she unearthed this bit of DS9 “Our Man Bashir”/Goldeneye art I drew in high school. I even got & to sign it. 😂