Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer


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Bill Gates

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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power I have waited my whole life to be exactly where I am right now, and at times I have enjoyed the darkness along the way. It’s now your turn.

BTS are the coolest band in the world.

just cancelled a call because I’m “busy”

Also SO wild to have it announced by some of my favorite people and my friends. 🥺 Congrats to on their nom for Butter!

Really wasn’t expecting that! It was an honor to work with some of my heroes, Trent and Atticus, and I am so proud of this album and hope that you guys continue to love it for years to come. Here’s to taking risks 🥂

Cancer sun, Virgo moon, sag rising. Cancer mercury, and Leo Mars and Venus. I’m in trouble. (In a good way) Hahaha. Also his Virgo moon already shows 💀

I have almost 0 fire in my chart so it’s really great to have an advocate. We are this

Pisces sun, Aries moon, sag rising. A king 👑

Left behind vengeance, power, and control —in favor of expansion, newness, and purpose. You already know I seed everything with lowkey astrological references haha. ☺️

Happy 11/21 :) I named a song on my album for this day because it was the day I discovered I was pregnant. It’s the funeral scene in the movie because it was the moment I buried my past trauma in favor of a better future. A very nostalgic day indeeeeeed. 🗡❤️🦉

I hope this is what I go down being known for…

omg he’s playing medicine

I as in “Halsey”-I. I’d like to think I still would have been born. But I’d be a librarian or something. (Still cool! Just not “Halsey”)

I literally would not exist without this album

Talk to blondie I’m not built like that lolllll

Trick question. They’re all Gillian Anderson and Cate Blanchett.

Noooo we won’t shoot for a while! Still writing! It takes a while for these things. It’s sooooo much longer than music. I could write and release like 3 albums in the time it takes to fund, write, cast, shoot and edit a tv show! Exciting to be doing something so new though!

musician, cosmetic company founder and chief creative officer, film/tv producer, actor, author, mom, dog mom, professional whiner, bird watcher, internet stalker, gardener, witch…retired mall performer. There’s probably more.